Direct strike Ali Zhang Yong: new retail is not "original retail + Internet"

Direct strike Ali Zhang Yong: new retail is not

Sina Technologies News October 26 afternoon news, two consecutive days, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong rushed to two "new retail annual meeting" - the 21st anniversary of Darun and the 20th anniversary of Yintai annual meeting, and shared his latest thinking on the new retail.

At the annual meeting of Darun Fat in 2018, Zhang Yong reviewed the achievements of cooperation over the past year: access to Taoxianda, box ponies to accelerate the opening of stores and Darun Fat's original stores digital transformation. In his view, the cooperation between Ali and Gaoxin is now widely regarded as a representative event of China's new retail industry. "Once looking into the future, this cooperation will enter the history of China's commercial development and become a perfect combination of technology, commerce and retail industry."

At Yintai's annual meeting, Zhang Yong pointed out that Ali's technical genes and Yintai's commercial and retail genes can have a more complex chemical reaction. "Nowadays, no matter whether there is new retail, all walks of life are trying new retail. Many attempts initially did not know the result, but the most important thing was because of believing, so I saw it.

"The new retail is not'original retail + Internet', but the various links of the retail industry use technology to innovate, showing different vitality. When discussing the future, all the teams must think about it, "Zhang Yong stressed that only by combining digital technology with business perfectly, can we make a real difference." This will bring about a new business model that is both like department stores and unlike Department stores, like shopping malls and unlike shopping malls, like supermarkets and unlike supermarkets.

Zhang Yong believes that many innovations only focus on local effects, but essential changes require concerted efforts. "The smallest is the greatest." Only by moving forward can we move on to the next digital spring. (Han Dapeng)

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