Tencent expands the "Royal glory", adding eight cities to the compulsory real name verification area

Tencent expands the

Tencent officially announced the launch of a mandatory public security real-name test run in Tianjin, Nanjing, Qinhuangdao, Sanya, Xiaogan, Tieling, Zhoukou, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture and other eight cities, following the trial run of the "King's Glory" health system in Beijing, on the afternoon of October 26. The game account will be banned from login.

Tencent said in a statement on its official Wechat on Oct. 25 that a minor's real-name information was only allowed to be used to verify one game account on both Wechat and QQ platforms in order to eliminate the problem of minors playing trumpets.

Tencent will continue to strengthen the coverage and effectiveness of the health system by connecting more of its game products to the authoritative public security data platform and building a virtuous closed-loop to protect the health of minors online, the statement said.

Tencent announced today that the above-mentioned eight cities will be included in the compulsory calibration category, as in Beijing policy, according to the IP address of the telecom operators when the game is logged in, all the "King Glory" users belonging to the eight cities will be changed from the previous "reminder" to "compulsory".

In addition, Tencent also revealed that the "total duration control" function based on the identity of natural minors is under development, after the development of the function, a minor's daily playable time will be judged according to the identity of natural persons, not accounts. A new round of testing is also being prepared for financial-grade identification technology to address the problem of juvenile fraudulent adult identity.  

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