Russian media: China is an important partner of Russia, the US separates China Russia strategy is unable to succeed.

Russian media: China is an important partner of Russia, the US separates China Russia strategy is unable to succeed.

Russian President Trump may mention China during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris on November 11 (during the Centennial commemoration of the end of World War I). The top experts in the field of international politics think so. Trump's National Security Assistant John Bolton's visit to Russia has added to the sense that Washington is seeking the Kremlin's understanding of Beijing's containment. But Russian officials said the United States and Russia could not be allied.

Russian Vice Foreign Minister Sergei Riyabkov said in a statement on the second day after Bolton's visit that "the two sides initially agreed to hold a meeting in Paris on November 11."

The article points out that it is very interesting that the Chinese issue affecting the United States may also be mentioned in Paris. Experts do not rule out this possibility. Feodor Lukiyanov, chairman of Russia's Foreign and Defense Policy Committee, explained to this newspaper: "The United States and Russia can not be allied. No madman would think that Russia intends to join the Anti China Alliance. Of course, the common goal of the U.S. government, Trump, Bolton and other Americans trying to break through in such a difficult political situation is not to keep China and Russia close in any case, and they want to make Russia's position more cautious. Bolton has not concealed this goal in the past and now. Moreover, it is naive to think that Russia will suddenly change its position on China, which is now one of Russia's most important partners. There is no suspense about what the US government thinks of China now, but this is its policy. Russia certainly will not join. "

According to the article, Feodor Voitolovsky, deputy director of the Institute of World Economic and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, stressed: "I do not think the United States will give up pressure on Russia and make anti-Russian speeches. I think the Trump administration's approach is to put pressure on Russia and China. "

Voitolovsky stressed: "The United States has an abundance of sea-based and cruise missiles that do not violate the Treaty. The US anti missile system deployed in the Asia Pacific region is more powerful than in Europe. But for a long time, the U.S. deployed an anti-missile system not directly against China, but under the official pretext of North Korea's nuclear program. Looking at the treaty turmoil, it seems that Washington is turning to contain both Russia and China.

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