Two departments interviewed Tencent asked to clean up pornography and other content WeChat public number

Two departments interviewed Tencent asked to clean up pornography and other content WeChat public number

The national anti pornography office and the State Press and Publication Administration interviewed Tencent

We must resolutely clean up the WeChat public number that disseminates pornography and vulgar content.

Source: anti pornography website

On October 26, the National Office of "Eradicating pornography and cracking down on non-pornography" and the State Press and Publishing Administration interviewed Tencent on the issue of disseminating obscene pornography and vulgar online fiction via Wechat public signals. Tencent ordered it to step down immediately and violate the socialist core values, vulgar, vulgar online fiction and resolutely clean up the harmful effects of disseminating obscene pornography. The content of WeChat public number, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises.

Officials from the National Office of "Combating pornography and illegal activities" and relevant departments of the State Press and Publication Administration pointed out that over a period of time, the problem of disseminating obscene pornography and vulgar online novels by means of micro-messaging public numbers has spread, with vulgar content as a gimmick to attract readers to drain them by clicking on "reading the original text" and identifying two-dimensional codes. To other public numbers or websites, the phenomenon is more serious, seriously interfering with the order of online publishing, readers strongly reflect. The person in charge stressed that as a network service platform, Weixin Public Signal must comply with the Regulations on the Management of Network Publishing Services and operate in accordance with the law when providing network literary works to the public. Wechat public signs of pornographic and vulgar content, vulgar network literary works off shelves, shut down the problem of serious public numbers, rectify the phenomenon of vulgar content drainage, while similar issues "one case against three", do not provide channels for the dissemination of illegal and illegal vulgar content.

Relevant person in charge requests, Tencent must comply with the requirements of national laws and regulations, improve ideological awareness, strengthen the content and qualification audit, improve the reporting acceptance mechanism, effectively shoulder the main responsibility, strengthen the content management of Wechat public signals. We should put the fight against pornography and vulgar information in a more important position, strengthen daily supervision, verify the authenticity, security and legitimacy of the content providers such as Weixin public number, improve the blacklist system, set up a convenient complaint reporting entrance in a prominent position on the platform, seriously handle public reports, and deal with harmful information in a timely manner. Information. We should effectively implement the Editorial responsibility system, enrich the auditing team, improve the auditing mechanism, establish the content quality evaluation system and control mechanism, strengthen the training of key post personnel, improve the ability of editors, always adhere to publishing and disseminating excellent works as the central task, in order to build a sound, orderly and healthy development. We should make due contributions to the industrial structure and market environment.

At the same time, the official in charge of the National Office of "Eradicating pornography and Fighting Africans" and the Press and Publication Department said they welcomed netizens to report actively online literary works that disseminated pornography and vulgarity. The telephone number of the office of "sweeping out pornography and combating non-pornography" is 12390, and the website of the report is "sweeping pornography and combating non-pornography in China". The National Office of "Eradicating pornography and combating africa" will implement the relevant reward policy for those who have made meritorious contributions to the investigation and verification of the reports.

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