Yu Chengdong Hui: P20 Pro camera has been added to the first plus Mate20.

Yu Chengdong Hui: P20 Pro camera has been added to the first plus Mate20.

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Sina Technologies News October 26 afternoon, Huawei today released Mate20 series of new products in China, Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said at a conference, P20 Pro in the DxO ranking has been the first, if today's release of Mate20 and Mate20 Pro, the list may be all Huawei mobile phones.

Millet released the Millet MIX3 with a sliding screen design yesterday, and Lei Jun was in a good mood to announce that he had fulfilled his target of 100 million units of shipments ahead of schedule.

Regarding the controversy over the full screen of the sliding cover, Lei Jun said millet was the first product officially released in the world, and sun out the full screen design patent of the sliding cover applied for in February 2018. "If you are not convinced, you can also bask in the sun." It's doubtful to open up glory.

At the same time, Lei Jun also frequently compared the photos of millet MIX3 with HUAWEI P20. "Before we just released MIX2s, HUAWEI launched P20, and our camera was overtaken. At that time, I said, if the camera department has any year-end bonus, we will see if we can turn over HUAWEI. He said MIX3's score in DxO's camera reached 108, which has exceeded 107 of P20's.

He also compared MIX3's hand-held super night view with Huawei's P20 Pro's super night view, and again opened up: "Friends'mobile phones are expensive, but expensive is not necessarily the best."

HUAWEI released the Mate20 Series in China today, and the rear uses ultra wide-angle three shots. Speaking about the camera ranking, Yu Chengdong said the P20 Pro ranked first on the DxO list. "If you add the Mat20 and Mat20 Pro that are now released, then the rankings are all Huawei mobile phones, which is too damaging to the enthusiasm of friends and businessmen." (Zhang Jun)

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