CBC Danish Creative Cup China competition starts: 15 team creation competition

CBC Danish Creative Cup China competition starts: 15 team creation competition

The Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Global Geek Challenge and the CBC Creative Business Cup (CBC) Competition were held here at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. Despite the outdoor autumn wind, but here because of 15 groups of pioneers fierce road show competition, it seems warm and melting.

"We use the first fragmented scene experience model to create innovative miniature unmanned bookstores and unmanned bookcases..." Cui Xiaotian, 28, of Beijing Yishu Science and Technology Co., Ltd., was somewhat nervous because he had been ordered to stage a road show the night before to introduce entrepreneurship projects.

According to the roadshow rules, each team has three minutes to introduce the project, and another six minutes to ask questions from the judges. Time passes one second, content just introduced half, Cui Xiaotian looks up, time is only one minute.

"Why is it called fragmentary reading, and what's good about scene-based experience? These are the key points that aren't addressed." He was a little sorry. For the first time, we started a roadshow with two weeks of innovation, hoping to show the project to investors, but it ended in haste.

Small program pet social e-commerce meow meal group, pesticide purification "black technology" raccoon mother, Travel Video strategy company friend said... The roadshow was still on, and Cui Xiaotian stood by and listened carefully. In the end, Shenzhen's InterSpace Technology Ltd and other 3 teams won the top three. "We see a lot of things that we can learn from other customers." He has always been self mockery of "soy sauce", he was not too disappointed at last, but he felt full of gains.

The 2008 Global Geek Challenge -- "New Friends Circle" of Big Enterprises is jointly sponsored by Zhongguancun Venture Street and some big enterprises. Big enterprises put forward their own innovative needs. Zhongguancun Venture Street solicits innovative entrepreneurship projects to meet their innovative needs globally, and promotes large enterprises and entrepreneurship projects in technology and entrepreneurship. Docking of innovative resources such as capital and talent.

The CBC Danish Creative Cup Global Entrepreneurship Competition, held in conjunction with the Danish Creative Cup, is one of the challenges. The competition is designed to provide a full range of support to entrepreneurs engaged in creative industries - to help them connect investors and open up global markets, and enhance their innovative capabilities, thereby promoting the development of creative industries and social development.

The CBC China champion team will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, from November 25 to 28 to compete with dozens of national champions in the international arena for the title of the annual global championship.

Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, founder and managing director of CBC's Danish Creative Cup, served as a road performance judge as early as the Double Creation Week in 2016. Speaking of China's innovation, he said that China has a great advantage in technology, especially in IT. "It's half the battle to seize the needs themselves, find problems in life, and solve them. If you have the technical advantage, you can go further, if you have a good presentation and good introductory skills, it is closer to success. He put forward suggestions for entrepreneurs.

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