The global geek challenge has been successfully held in the steel Tianyuan Science and technology innovation special field.

The global geek challenge has been successfully held in the steel Tianyuan Science and technology innovation special field.

Originally titled Big and Small Enterprises Docking Cooperation, Promoting Industry Innovation and Upgrading Global Geek Challenge Competition --- China Steel Tianyuan Science and Technology Innovation Symposium was successfully held

On October 10, the China Steel Tianyuan Science and Technology Innovation Show of the Global Geek Challenge - "Big Business New Friends Circle" was successfully held in Zhongguancun Pioneering Avenue, Beijing. Wang Wenjun, vice president of Sinosteel, chairman of Tianyuan, general manager of Sinosteel Technology Development Co., Ltd. Wang Shouye, general manager of Sinosteel Tianyuan Mao Haibo, vice general manager of Sinosteel Tianyuan Zhangchao, vice general manager of Sinosteel Tianyuan Pei Xiaodong, Deputy Engineer of Sinosteel Tianyuan, manager of Sinosteel Science and Technology Reform and Law Department, manager of Sinosteel Science and Technology Reform and Investment Director Han Minghui Nie Lixia, general manager of Zhongguancun Venture Street, attended the event.

As an old central enterprise mainly engaged in the development of metallurgical and mineral resources, Sinosteel has an urgent need for innovation and upgrading. The cooperation between China Steel Tianyuan and Zhongguancun Venture Street is to solve the painful points and difficulties in the field of new materials, explore and cooperate in innovative venture projects, fully release the innovative resources and capabilities of all parties, and eventually form a matching landing between traditional industries and innovative technologies.

In view of the three innovative demands put forward by Tianyuan of Sinosteel, 126 related projects were matched and 350 telephone interviews were conducted. Finally, eight innovative projects which were most suitable for the demand were selected to participate in the docking meeting, including Taiwanese electric praise, wheat geek, monster charging, Nanjiao magnetic material factory, Wuhan University of Science and Technology. The Guangdong Academy of Sciences, Central South University, Harbin Institute of technology and other universities transformation projects are involved in science and technology achievements. On the spot of the event, through the way of "telephone negotiation" and "face-to-face communication", the project side and the technical experts and executives of Sinosteel will have in-depth demand exchanges; after the event, the two sides will continue to communicate on the cooperation mode and cooperation content, and on October 30, the project side will submit the final plan, and do its utmost to promote. Cooperation reached.

In his speech, Wang Wenjun, chairman of the board of directors, elaborated on Sinosteel's continuous exploration in the field of innovation in recent years and its expectations for the future. He said: "In the process of running our platform, the weakest link is original innovation. By cooperating with Zhongguancun Pioneering Street, we publish our needs for original innovation to the outside world." To make up for our shortcomings, we hope to better contribute to social innovation and industrial development of Sinosteel.

Nie Lixia, general manager of the venture Avenue and China Steel's cooperation is very honored, and the docking of the results of this event is very looking forward to, she said: "After the docking of demand and supply, both sides find a point of convergence, and eventually form a suitable solution for both sides, the most valuable of this event is the cooperation with China Steel. The test is replicable and can be popularized. Through this activity, we can really form a new model of innovative technology and traditional industries landing.

Zhongguancun entrepreneurship Avenue is actively committed to promoting the connection and cooperation between large and medium-sized enterprises, relying on the innovation and entrepreneurship ecological network built between domestic and foreign start-ups, leading enterprises, colleges and universities, government agencies, etc. It has successfully provided services for many well-known large enterprises such as Intel, Orange, Mars, Wal-Mart and so on. To help them quickly hit start-ups and innovative products, and help them improve their own innovative businesses. More and more large enterprises like Sinosteel are speeding up the industrial upgrading and transformation, and actively embracing the power of innovation. We will continue to serve the traditional industrial enterprises like Sinosteel to help them upgrade.

Anhui Tianyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. of China Steel Group is a listed company controlled by the central enterprise China Steel Co., Ltd. It is the integration platform of new materials under the banner of China Steel Group. In June, 2018, Sinosteel Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street Technology Services Co., Ltd. jointly established Innovative Service Center for industrial innovation resources: Sinosteel-Zhongguancun Venture Street Industrial Innovation Center. The two sides will focus on related projects such as industrial innovation, upgrading and landing. In the initial stage, the center will set up an office in Zhongguancun Pioneering Street to carry out industrial docking work, and in the later stage, it will extend to the whole domestic steel industry resource gathering area, give full play to the advantages of Haidian science and technology and combine with the local industrial demand, so that it will become the service of Sinosteel in steel industry. The new business mode and inject new vitality into it.

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