Beijing anti pornography department to investigate "interactive operation" App: ordered to stop operation

Beijing anti pornography department to investigate

Source: anti pornography

In view of the vulgar and pornographic information contained in the educational application software reported by the media on October 16, the National Office of "Eradicating pornography and illegal activities" quickly checked and deployed the Beijing "Eradicating pornography and illegal activities" department to investigate and punish the illegal operation of "interactive operation" App.

After investigation, the "interactive operation" App is operated by Beijing Qianyang Yuan Wang Information Technology Co., Ltd. The App has a large number of vulgar and pornographic interactive information that endangers the physical and mental health of minors, as well as problems such as unauthorized online publishing services.

Accordingly, the Beijing Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corp. issued a notice of correction and administrative penalty to the company, ordered the immediate cessation of the "interactive operation" of App operation services, and proposed to impose fines on its administrative penalties. At 11:20 a.m. on October 26th, the App ceased operation.

The National Office of "Eradicating Dirty and Fighting Illegal Affairs" emphasized that network application software, especially network service products for primary and secondary school students, has a direct impact on the physical and mental health of minors. Internet enterprises must fulfill their main responsibility. There is nothing wrong with pursuing legitimate interests, but the mercenary and disregard of responsibilities will be severely punished by law.

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