Yu Chengdong: no pursuit of Apple's high profits, 5G folding phone is being developed.

Yu Chengdong: no pursuit of Apple's high profits, 5G folding phone is being developed.

Sina Technologies News October 26 evening news, Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong said today in an interview after the announcement that Huawei is developing folded mobile phone will be Huawei's first 5G mobile phone, but the name has not yet been determined.

Response to controversy with millet camera: HUAWEI has no navy

Recently, Lei Jun in the millet MIX3 conference will be compared with HUAWEI's cameras and products sparked attention. Lei Jun said millet MIX3's DxO score has surpassed HUAWEI P20, ranking the top three in the world.

Yu Chengdong said Lei Jun is the millet products and Huawei's old products, or the basic version of the old products. "If the DxO score of the Mate20 series comes out, maybe HUAWEI will dominate the competition and hit the opponent too much."

He also stressed that the comparison with friends, are the results of third-party institutions, "We insist on never doing evil, the outside world said Huawei Water Army, we do not have a water army, one is not allowed. It's the bottom line for HUAWEI to hire no water force. "

5G era is HUAWEI opportunity folding mobile phone will be the first 5G mobile phone.

In the current environment of the decline of smartphones in China, many manufacturers regard the upcoming 5G as a new opportunity.

Yuchengdong said that 5G really will bring new opportunities to the industry, such as voice interaction, machine vision, 5G will help AI processing ability more powerful; in the AR, VR, 5G high speed, low latency will also bring more interaction and better experience.

He stressed that Huawei, a communications startup, had a clear technological advantage over its 5G rivals, including network equipment, terminals and chip capabilities, so it would be ahead of its rivals in the commercial use of 5G handsets. "5G gives the industry a better chance, but also gives Huawei a more advanced opportunity, 4G Huawei is the leader, 5G era Huawei will become a leader." He said.

He also revealed Huawei's progress on folding-screen handsets, which he said would be Huawei's first 5G phone, but the name has not yet been determined.

Not pursuing Apple's high profit sales is a natural consequence.

Yu Chengdong revealed that the P20 series is expected to exceed 20 million, Mate 20 series planning is also 20 million, the follow-up flagship aircraft will even be 30 million, 40 million. Huawei, which aims to sell 200 million units this year, quotes third-party data as saying that Huawei + Glory currently ranks second in global shipments, with a share in China exceeding 30%, and in some overseas countries even doing more than China.

But he stressed that Huawei is not too market-oriented, the most important thing is user experience and innovation. Asked when shipments would surpass Samsung, he said sales would focus more on user experience than sales, and sales were a natural consequence.

Although Huawei has surpassed Apple in sales, it still has a margin gap with Apple in mobile phones, and Huawei is moving towards high-end.

Yu Chengdong said Huawei's high-end phones are more expensive than domestic phones, but still cheaper than Apple's. He also stressed that Apple's profits were really high, but Huawei did not pursue such high margins, but let consumers invest in research and development. "Apple is a great enterprise, many aspects worth Huawei to learn, but Huawei will continue to innovate products, beyond them."

At the same time, HUAWEI today launched many smart home products, including smart phones, outside mobile phones. Yu Chengdong revealed that Huawei will open intelligent living halls in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities in the future, and the sales function of offline stores will change to experience function. He also believes that the competition between future manufacturers is not just the competition of mobile phones, watches, tablets, computers and so on, but the competition of all-scene intelligent life. (Zhang Jun)

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