More than 1000 P2P did not submit self-report or fail to file a record early abandonment

More than 1000 P2P did not submit self-report or fail to file a record early abandonment


More than 1000 P2P did not submit self-report or fail to file a record early abandonment

Reporter Beijing Jinmin Report

With the development of local P2P compliance checks, some P2Ps have not yet submitted basic self-examination reports, and according to the requirements, October 15 is the deadline for the submission of self-examination reports, which may mean that a considerable number of P2Ps will be out.

According to relevant reports, there are no more than 400 platforms that have completed self-examination reports and submitted them. Compared with the number of more than 1,500 platforms published by third parties, this means that at least 1,000 platforms have failed to submit their reports on time, and most of these platforms are deeply troubled by compliance. What will be the platform that does not submit self-report? In this regard, a number of industry insiders told the "China Times" reporter that there is no unified exit plan and mechanism at the national level, but at least Beijing, Guangzhou and other places have issued rules on exit. Platform self-examination reports that have not yet been submitted will inevitably have an impact on subsequent self-discipline and administrative checks, ultimately affecting the results of compliance checks, and some platforms may have been abandoned.

Thousands of platforms did not submit self-reports

Since this year, the risk of P2P net loan has been concentrated. The number of normal operating platforms in the P2P industry has fallen from 2166 at the beginning of the year to 1532 today, and nearly 700 platforms have disappeared in a few months, according to data from online lending houses.

In mid-August this year, the regulatory authorities issued the Notice on Compliance Inspection of P2P Network Lending Institutions, which calls for self-inspection, self-discipline inspection and administrative verification of institutions, which can be pushed forward and cross-checked in time arrangement. According to the regulations, the whole compliance inspection is scheduled to be completed by the end of December this year.

At present, self-examination has been basically completed, and some areas have entered the stage of self-discipline inspection. On October 22, the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association announced that, in accordance with the requirements and authorization of the Beijing Office of the Leading Group on Internet Financial Risk Special Regulation, Internet lending institutions registered in Beijing and normally exhibiting their businesses will carry out the unified standard, unified process, unified organization and unified system with the regulatory authorities this week. Unified data self-discipline inspection. On the same day, the Beijing mutual Gold Association held a self inspection start up meeting.

Purple Horse Finance Bank, the relevant person in charge of the general submission of self-examination data after the supervision of these data for the first trial, the first trial does not make a compliance conclusion, will not publish the first trial to the public, all the data will be used as a self-discipline inspection link in the three inspections for reference, self-discipline inspection is responsible for the industry association, administrative verification is free The local renovation office is responsible for the current self-discipline inspection.

Some platforms began self-discipline inspection, but some platforms did not even check their own reports. At present, the deadline for submission of self-examination reports in all parts of the country has passed, and the latest deadline is basically the 15th of this month. According to incomplete statistics in the new financial headlines, no more than 400 platforms have completed the self-examination report, which means at least 1,000 platforms have failed to submit their reports by the deadline.

Are those companies that have not submitted their own reports voluntarily abandoned? What will happen in the future?

Yang Junmin, a foreign money pot strategist, told the Huaxia Times that the platform self-examination is only the first step in the compliance inspection trilogy. It is the platform's exposition of the current rectification system, the size of the stock business and business problems. The results of compliance inspection mainly depend on follow-up self-discipline inspection and administrative inspection, that is, compliance evaluation issued by self-discipline organizations and classification opinions issued by administrative units. Although there is no clear sequence of the three inspections, the platform self-inspection report if not submitted will inevitably affect the subsequent self-discipline and administrative inspection, and ultimately affect the results of compliance inspection.

"For platforms that have not yet submitted self-examination reports, or complex business self-examination is difficult, or poor compliance has no reason to file early abandonment."

Duan Jianming, vice president of Jettison, also believes that, in view of current policy, the platform regulatory authorities that have not submitted a self-examination report should ask them to voluntarily withdraw benignly, otherwise they will be regarded as voluntary abandonment. "Taking Beijing as an example, the inspection scope of on-site inspection of P2P lending in Beijing is the Beijing-based P2P lending institution that receives the notice of rectification and submits the self-inspection report. That is to say, if the platform does not submit the self-inspection report, it will inevitably affect the follow-up inspection process." Duan Jianming said that the Beijing area also requires the platform to submit a self-examination report at the same time, the submission of "if the rectification of irregular benign exit plan".

A network loan practitioner said that now P2P did not submit self-examination report, mostly ineligible, or dare not hand in, or do not want to hand in, of course, some did not receive the notice of rectification, and some are not members, even no way to submit, can only withdraw.

Many platforms have stalled.

At present, many P2P platforms are in a state of stagnation.

According to a report released by Rong 360, while the normal operating platform actively carries out regulatory changes, there are also some small, almost stagnant "zombie" platforms, according to their current situation, has been unable to operate a good platform.

"These zombie platforms are generally characterized by: no explosions, no liquidation announcements; compliance efforts and attempts have been made; business is almost stagnant compared to one year's operating data, the platform is basically non-tendering; some are still looking for buyers, some have announced abandonment of treatment." The report says.

For platforms that can't be filed and don't operate, the waiting result can only be acquired or withdrawn.

Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Rectification Office issued a "Notice on Further Perfecting the Rectification of the Municipal Internet Lending Information Intermediaries", requiring that Internet lending institutions which fail to meet the requirements of rectification in the process of application for registration or self-examination on time should contact the financial departments of the district where they are registered and submit them to the local financial departments on their own initiative. We are willing to quit the undertaking and quit in an orderly way.

Otherwise, the relevant departments will, in accordance with the "Measures to Ban Illegal Financial Institutions and Illegal Financial Business Activities" and the relevant provisions, ban the Internet lending institutions, and investigate the relevant personnel for violations of the law and regulations.

Yin Zhentao, deputy director of the Law and Finance Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the newspaper that the CBRC has not clearly pointed out how to deal with institutions that have not submitted self-examination reports, but most of the financial office documents from all over the country clearly require that if they are not on the inspection list or fail to meet the deadline. If you submit a self-report, you may be faced with the problem of withdrawal.

"At present, there is no unified national exit plan and mechanism, but Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou have issued the relevant exit rules." Yin Zhentao said.

Actually, a long time ago, Internet lending practitioners revealed that many P2P platforms are now facing the pressure of transition and exit. "How to exit safely? Will the lender give an alarm when it is difficult to accept? What else can P2P do after this wave? " At the same time, investors also need to solve a large number of platforms to withdraw.

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