After losing more than 2 billion, tiger's "digging mode" was questioned again.

After losing more than 2 billion, tiger's

After losing more than 2 billion, tiger's "digging mode" was questioned again.

Reporter Zhang Jie Beijing reported

It doesn't seem to be too much to describe the growth of tiger teeth by "digging the wall and digging the wall". But at present, the CEO Dong Rongjie's proud mode of operation is being questioned by the industry.

On Oct. 7, media reported that Tiger Tooth Live Platform anchor Rico was reported by netizens for playing tricks on the national anthem, the Tiger Tooth Live Studio was banned, accounts frozen, and all related video works were removed from the shelves. On October 13, the anchorman was detained 5 days by Jing'an Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau for violating the National Anthem Law of the People's Republic of China. Although lawbreakers have accepted legal sanctions, outside doubts about the regulatory deficiencies of live broadcasting platforms do not seem to stop.

Difficult to manage loopholes

Although the listed Tiger Tooth is known as the first live game broadcasting, but this digging by the foot of the continuous expansion of the Internet game live platform does not seem to be able to make up for its congenital development shortcomings - the lack of content regulatory capacity.

A few days ago, Tiger Tooth Network star Rigo was sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention by the Jing'an Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau for illegal acts. According to the data, after Rigo became popular, Tiger Tooth Live Platform spent 50 million huge signing fees to sign him, from Tiger Tooth's debut to blockade and detention, Rigo in Tiger Tooth live broadcast time less than January, live broadcast only 11 times.

After the incident, Tiger Tooth announced on the official micro-blog that Rigo, the anchor of the incident that caused adverse social effects, had been dealt with by Tiger Tooth Platform. Industry insiders to reporters said that from the huge contract fee point of view, although the rise of the speed of Reds has been refreshed again and again, but the bottom line of the quality of anchors has been challenged again and again.

"If there is no tiger tooth high-priced digging mode of operation, perhaps the original trembling low-key development of Rigo will not produce inflation psychology. In addition, if the company's management supervision is in place, the platform will be selected as the most popular anchor before its comprehensive inspection. Others told reporters that Tiger Tooth, as the first share of the domestic listed live broadcasting platform, also has an inescapable regulatory responsibility on the content output.

In an interview with reporters on October 26, a person in charge of Tiger Tooth said that the platform anchors did violate the National Anthem Law of the People's Republic of China, reflecting their weak legal awareness and lack of social responsibility. However, in the reply, Tiger Tooth just said that Tiger Tooth Platform will continue to strengthen the patriotic education and legal knowledge training of the anchor, actively guide the anchor to export positive energy of live content, enhance the anchor's sense of social responsibility.

However, in terms of content regulation, there are still no relevant provisions and provisions.

"The low quality of net red is the underlying reason for the frequent occurrence of such incidents. In addition, live users are both victims and accomplices in these events. Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said in an interview that the legislation is sound, but the implementation is very difficult, mainly because of the rise of Internet red, low quality, and intertwined interests, platform change is to go online red.

In this regard, some industry insiders told reporters that this also shows that the development model of live broadcast industry by forcibly digging the foot of the wall is not feasible, especially in the absence of relevant management terms and regulations, because of the lack of professional training system and professional norms, in the face of the status quo of uneven level of anchor broadcasters. There are still a lot of uncertainties about how to avoid the negative events like "Liz".

Competitive pressure highlights

"Although Tiger Tooth has been listed in a hurry, but compared to the large entertainment platform, Tiger Tooth's development structure and development model are still flawed, specifically, although traffic and profits are relatively high, but still belong to the workshop-style development ideas." Some industry observers told reporters that because of the growth experience of Tiger Tooth, the lack of hematopoietic capacity, just digging the foot of the wall is more like a second-line trafficker, at most can only be regarded as a second-line live platform, which is determined by its own structure and model.

According to the data show that the profit-making way of Tiger Tooth is much the same as that of many Internet Red Platforms, which has also created its unique way of development by digging up the wall foot and continuing to go up.

According to a statistics from "Today's Internet Red", the top 10,000 broadcasters earned by screeners, peppers, direct broadcasters, beauties, mothers and volcanoes in the first half of the year, accounting for only 0.7% of the total number of anchors on the six platforms, but accounting for 68% of all anchors'revenue. That is to say, the remaining 99.3% of the anchors, in the scramble for the remaining 32% of the revenue, the average monthly income of less than 4000 yuan anchors became one of the main groups.

It is in this situation that some low-quality anchors have to give up the bottom line and try their best to get to the top under the pursuit of interests.

Some analysts told reporters that under the pressure of survival, more and more guilds and anchors are pondering how to "make money well", that is, the rise of human weaknesses in the absence of professional ethics, and even desperate to take risks.

In fact, how to stimulate the development potential of bloggers, how to let the next anchor "out of blue is better than blue" is the key to the development of the platform. These people told reporters frankly, in the head anchor to create this aspect, Tiger Tooth seems to have no more experience, only by digging the foot of the wall to sustain life, and even its steering officers as a feature of the company's development.

Data show that Dong Rongjie has not only on one occasion not to mention the existence of the phenomenon of digging in the industry, and he believes that the game platform is more important than the waist anchor training mechanism. Actually, from the end of 2017, Tiger Tooth Live began to intensively "dig the wall foot". According to incomplete statistics, Tiger Tooth Live has successfully digged more than ten head anchors from other platforms. In a "offensive" in May this year, Tiger Tooth broadcast live to help the anchor bear tens of millions of dollars in default costs. Analysts told reporters that this may also be the main reason why Tiger Tooth has been in a loss state since the listing.

Although the second quarter of this year after the announcement of the results, Dong Rongjie quarter revenue growth of 125.1% year-on-year results said that "very happy". However, the huge losses from the growth of the camp are equally remarkable. The second-quarter results showed a net loss of $2.125 billion during the reporting period, compared with $15 million in the same period last year.

Even though Tiger Tooth explained that it was the price change at the time of the listing that led to a fair value loss of more than $2 billion. "This is mainly due to the lack of core competitiveness of tiger teeth." Some people in the investment circle have analyzed the journalists. Only by steadily striking, one step at a time, can Tiger Tooth eventually get out of the predicament. It is also expected that Tiger Tooth will be in the right position.

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