Online shop marked price comment 2 yuan travel notes 1000 characters 200 yuan

Online shop marked price comment 2 yuan travel notes 1000 characters 200 yuan

2 yuan for comment and 200 yuan for travel notes

Recently, a succession of self-Media revelations has plunged the OTA Honeycomb into an unprecedented crisis of trust. The controversy has focused on some users'comments on the Honeycomb platform, which are suspected to be user comments from other platforms, while the original travel notes of users are merchant soft notes.

According to the media, 7454 plagiarism accounts were found on the honeycomb, with an average of thousands of comments copied from the platform of Yilong Agoda and Yelp. A total of 5.72 million restaurant reviews and 12.21 million hotel reviews were copied, accounting for 85% of the total comments claimed by the official website.

In the survey, the reporter of China Business Daily learned that at least 25 stores specialize in providing travel notes for honeycomb and other platforms, which confirms the regulatory loopholes of honeycomb in commentary and travel notes. In October 24th, there was no positive reply from Ma beehive, which only indicated that "the announcement is the criterion".

Our reporter learned that although this matter has caused honeycomb reputation in the industry to decline, but its impact on access to capital, remains to be observed.

"In the thinking of the primary market, this is actually a small episode, in general, will not make valuation compression. Li Yuanfeng, managing director of Falcon Venture Capital, told the newspaper, "But there may be two situations. One is that investors take advantage of the opportunity to lower their valuations by 15%-20%. When the founding team sees that the pressure is not high enough, and recently they do have negative news, they accept it. Second, investors may ask for an extension of the financing time, such as from One month is extended to three or four months.

Online shop marked price

Our reporter as a businessman learned that the original travel notes according to a thousand words 200 yuan calculation, more return less supplement, customer service in the understanding of demand, the list will be down to a number of QQ groups, if there are writers to accept orders, they will be recommended to businessmen, the introduction and writers will take half the income.

This QQ group has not only travels but also travels.

A travel agent told this newspaper that the QQ group has published services such as writing, repairing pictures, recording, naming novels or games, and even having a business to test their loyalty by talking to one of the lovers. The writer indicated that there are relatively many proxy business, in addition to proxy travel notes, there are proxy inspection, debates, teacher plans, etc., there is no academic requirements for proxy.

In this report, the reporter as a businessman to buy a honeycomb travel agency services, another soft-paper writer quickly for the newspaper reporter outlined: "Travel to a hope that the flower shop struggle for many years hero, want to learn from experience, mistakenly entered your coffee shop story, a temporary beginning is:every morning: It is the life that many people yearn for when they are dealing with flowers and plants, passing romance to strangers, displaying beauty to the world, and accomplishing something.

It is reported that after the travel notes have been written, businesses need to upload them to Ma's travel area. In addition, the top, collection, sharing and other travel behavior for "travel" is also of commercial value. Global Convenience Store, a travel agency, quoted our reporter for a collection of 0.35 yuan, a top value of 0.2 yuan and a share value of 0.15 yuan.

At the same time, the UGC of the horse's beehive (user original content) area has business space in the eyes of businessmen. In the Horse Honeycomb Question and Answer Area, a top value of 0.3 yuan, a top value of 0.3 yuan, a collection value of 0.25 yuan, a share value of 0.25 yuan. The above clerk told reporters that through the machine operation to complete these "maintenance promotion" behavior.

It is understood that brush review has become a hidden rule in the industry related to content. Under the Wechat Public Document, a comment will cost 0.5 to 1 yuan, while online travel platforms such as hungry restaurants and honeycombs will cost 2 yuan. Another online store will offer 2.2 yuan to our reporter. However, the process is almost the same. Comments need to be written by the merchants themselves. In essence, the agent only provides the account number.

"Link this article to us, and the contents of this article's comment, send it to us." A multi platform brush critic said.

Comment writing is inefficient, and businesses that use Web crawling to quickly capture user comments from other platforms have a chance to survive. Our reporter noticed that there are stores dedicated to honeycomb and other travel websites crawl user comments, 10 yuan can crawl 100 user comments.

A multifarious business

Hornets' long-term concern for UGC has indeed brought value.

According to the first financial report, in 2015, honeycombs frequently sent a platform score called "honey" through activities and other means. It is reported that honey can be used to exchange daily necessities, skin care products, household products, digital products, etc. There were even 50,000 honey exchanges for a Sony NEX5, and users were encouraged by prizes to plagiarize on other platforms. The five-day event brought a lot of UGC directly to the honeycomb review column. After that, the activity boom of the comment Department came to an end, and the team responsible for the activity was transferred to the question and answer business. The comment business was mainly obtained by crawling data. According to people familiar with the situation, in the whole UGC framework of honeycomb, at first, the quality and authenticity of travel notes of scenic spots were the highest, followed by restaurant comment and hotel comment. Face information mainly comes from partner information sharing.

In fact, not only the UGC content of honeycomb exists packaging behavior, but also the content that can express feelings or answer questions seems to have packaging potential. According to the newspaper reporters combed, including online travel website travel notes, comments and Q&A and Weixin comments, have become business.

Talkingdata partner Gaudo mentioned several ways to generate content to the media: first, the production content of the platform editor (operator); second, the signing of tourist arrivals, tourism strategy number release content; third, UGC content capture. UGC content crawling methods can be divided into the following: first, business cooperation, content payment; second, specify the source; third, direct crawling (neither cooperation nor specify the source); fourth, AI technology, according to the scene automatically generated content.

One Internet analyst pointed out that a project needs a cold start, data grabbing from the Internet, financing or performance, it needs more content and numbers, without commercial purposes, for many people, it may be possible to build content communities slowly, but driven by business, people. They have a stronger motivation to carry and clone.

Fang Jun, a senior analyst in the field of knowledge payment, told the newspaper, "UGC is basically a topic of falsification, but the PGC (professional content producer) has expanded a bit. Video is produced by large production companies, and short videos are also small. It's hard for an individual to make a pat on the phone and become a net red.

Fang Jun believes that although merchants have their own fabricated comments, travel notes and other acts, but the exposure of large-scale suspected fraud, only the platform can do.

Valuations or discounts

This event has different perspectives on the development of horse honeycomb.

If a honeycomb is a listed company, this event may be a major blow to the stock price, but the honeycomb is still seeking institutional financing in the primary market, and the logic of investors in the primary market and secondary market investors is not entirely consistent.

"From the perspective of the primary market, it is quite common for the prospective investors to have negative news." In Li's view, domestic Internet companies are fiercely competitive. When the company is bigger, competitors have to publish black manuscripts from the media to block the other party's financing, or some from the media themselves seek to gain attention by looking for loopholes in big companies. These are common things in business wars, as capital, but also psychological preparation.

According to Li Yuanfeng, tourist communities (communities) can be valued at $100 to $200 a day for "daily living + income". UGC life information review is not the core value sector in Ma cellular financing. It is fatal if the number of users, daily activities and revenue fraud are made.

And a tourism industry investor believes that the honeycomb is a community-based e-commerce, must be from the DAU or travel notes, the number of comments, plus conversion rate, get the purchase volume, revenue figures, and then converted into valuation. This personage thinks, more crucial is, want to see this incident whether can "affect user trust", namely user's trust relation decided later how many people will consume content.

"If it affects user trust, the starting point number changes, significant factors are adjusted, and past models are modified. If the investor feels that the average user is affected, there will be a discount on the valuation, but it should continue to support. The investor said.

According to 36 krypton reports, the honeycomb started a new round of financing three months ago, led by Tencent, with a post-investment valuation of $2 billion. According to a person close to the deal, the financing had reached the stage of "only the share subscription agreement has not been signed," but the content of the plagiarism has had a certain impact on the financing process.

A senior tourism official, who declined to be named, told reporters that in the final analysis, it depends on the core sales capabilities of honeycombs.

"But objectively speaking, the merchants who cooperate with them are also very smart. On the one hand, the merchants will look at the surface data to measure whether to negotiate cooperation, on the other hand, they will ultimately depend on the sales ability of the partners, that is, conversion rate. If the honeycomb partner is still in the long-term business, then at least the honeycomb has a certain actual sales capacity. At present, the proportion of traffic to sales is very low, one thousandth of it is good, some only one thousandth. The source said.

Li Yuanfeng mentioned that this matter, in the financial media and venture capital circles spread more widely, but for the general public, perhaps not high awareness. As a user of the honeycomb, Li Yuanfeng said that he got some pertinent suggestions from the honeycomb's travel notes and strategies.

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