A billion dollar international involvement in the "silver bean net" incident is unpredictable in Hong Kong

A billion dollar international involvement in the

Recently, investors of Beijing Oriental Finance Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yindou Net") told China Business Daily that they found that Yibang International Holding Company (hereinafter referred to as "Yibang International"), the world's third largest mining machine manufacturer, had a large amount of money with Yindou, and pointed out that Yibang International Holding Company (hereinafter referred to as "Yibang International"), the world's third The international suspected use of more than 500 million yuan of funds from Yin bean net has inflated sales revenue.

The reporter of this newspaper learns exclusively from the supervisor, "The Yindou net incident has been put on file by Beijing Public Security Bureau. At present, 300 million of the 500 million funds between Yibang (International) and Yindou net, or 100 million funds, are all one thing. Whether these exchanges belong to normal business or other nature, and whether they are included in the case pursuit or not How to determine the scope of the case? This needs to be asked about the public security authorities in Beijing.

Recently, investors have submitted an application to the HKEx to dismiss the IPO listing. In addition, investors told reporters that they to Zhejiang Yibang Communications Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yibang Communications", delisted in March this year) a number of senior executives confirmed that Yindou Accountant Zhu Xiaolin through the secondary market to buy Yibang Communications 1 million shares, still holds the above shares. It is noteworthy that there is also an investor named Zhu Xiaolin on the record of the investor (equity) of Hangzhou Yibang Hongfa Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yibang Hongfa") on May 18, 2018. According to the prospectus, yipong Hongfa is the absolute controlling shareholder of the billion state communications, accounting for 99.9964% of the shares. According to business information, another 0.0036% stake is Pang Zheng holdings. According to the official notice of Haidian Public Security Sub-Bureau, Zhu Xiaolin is currently the fugitive suspect in Yindou suspected of fund-raising crimes.

In 2017, Yibang International, with a revenue of 979 million yuan, followed by the world's top two mining machine giants Bitland, Jianan Yunzhi. In June 24th this year, Yi Bang international submitted a prospectus for IPO in Hong Kong, which is not yet listed.

Reporters contacted hundreds of millions of states about the large amount of money exchanged with Yindou. com and whether Zhu Xiaolin, one of the shareholders of Yibang Communications, would cause the plan to land on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange of Yibang. Up to the time of publication, several executives of the company and the company level of Yibang did not respond.

Whitewash the report?

Investors of Yindou told reporters that they had traveled to Yibang to communicate with each other after discovering the large amount of money exchanged between Yibang International and Yindou. At that time, the Hangzhou police coordinated with Wang Hongyong, executive director of Yibang International, and several supervisors and investors'representatives in Hangzhou, and provided information to reporters. The contents of the symposium are recorded.

Our reporter learned from the supervisors who participated in the symposium that the nature of capital exchanges still needs the public security nature of the power of investigation. "At that time, we can ask the representatives of investors who attended the forum whether the fund between Yibang (International) and Yindou belongs to normal business or other nature, whether the fund is included in the scope of case tracing and how to determine the nature of the case. Beijing public security.

Reporters tried to verify the recording with the Yibang side, but the Yibang side only said that it had left a message to Peng Chunjuan, executive director of Yibang International, and the Yibang side did not respond until the time of publication.

In the recording, Wang Hongyong, executive director of Yibang International, told investors and regulators that Cui Hongwei purchased cloud computing servers from Yibang. "At the end of November 2017, Cui Hongwei paid 144.9 million yuan for cloud computing servers, which have all been sold. 144 million 900 thousand yuan is a separate contract, it is the loan. At the same time, we hope to buy our March server, and pay a deposit of 389 million yuan, but because of the supply and delivery (from the order date to the delivery date between the length of time) problems, can not meet customer needs, the purchase has been refunded in full. 144 million 900 thousand yuan is directly hit the company account in December 1st, to the delivery. 389 million yuan is also available in December, and there were also dozens of hits in January.

According to our reporter's exclusive experience, Cui Hongwei is the wife of Li Yonggang, the actual controller of the silver bean net.

According to investors, Zhang Hao, vice president of Yibang Communications, said: "In 2017, the mining machine market is booming, as our (Yibang) enterprises, she (Cui Hongwei) takes 100 million dollars to come, 500 million dollars to buy our mining machine, we can not tell where her money is from. 1 hundred million (more) of the mine has been shipped, and if the police need it, it will cooperate with the investigation. "

Concerning whether cloud computing servers and miners are a kind of thing or contain the concept of miners, a miner manufacturer told reporters: "Miners are now renamed block chain (computing) servers, the so-called inclusion is only a way to circumvent non-compliance, if you want to officially say, cloud computing is not packaged. Mining. "

Yibang International disclosed in its prospectus that the balance of inventories in April 2018 was $1.232 billion, a 4.1-fold increase from the balance at the end of 2017. Industry insiders pointed out that this change shows that since the first half of 2018, national policy regulation and the bitcoin plummeted, mining machine may be unsold. It is reported that the inventory of mainland China increased by 1.5 times in June 2018 compared with that in 2017.

According to the IPO, from 2015 to 2017, the company achieved revenue of about 192 million yuan, 121 million yuan and 979 million yuan respectively. Income in 2017 surged by 878% over the same period last year. Bitland, Jianan Yuanzhi and Yibang International all achieved substantial revenue growth in 2017, and the growth rate of Bitland was as high as 808.72%. In its prospectus, Ebon International interpreted the 878% increase as a shift in business focus to BPU (Block Chain Processing Unit, a special category of computer hardware developed for encrypted currency mining) in 2017. The BPU is designed for Bitcoin trading. Thanks to the rapid development of Bitcoin in 2017, the BPU business performed well.

It is noteworthy that from the consolidated cash flow statement, the net cash flow of the international business activities of Yibang in 2016 is - 0.80 billion yuan, but the net cash flow in 2017 is 836 million yuan, and the book cash is sufficient.

According to Yibang International, the five largest customers were BPU buyers in 2015, 2016 and December 31, 2017, with the largest customers accounting for 34.6%, 20.6% and 12.1% of the total revenue, respectively, and the total revenue was $978.69 billion. However, Cui Hongwei and Yibang Communications completed a single transaction of 144.9 million yuan in 2017, accounting for 14.8% of the combined statement caliber revenue.

As mentioned in the rejection application filed by the above-mentioned investors to the HKEx, it is difficult to explain the fact that for a newly-established enterprise with an average sales of RMB 300 million over the past three years, the purchase of goods with an advance payment of RMB 500 million will be paid back in excess of May, and the amount of such acts as unpaid payment without a definite contract of RMB 389 million will be difficult to explain. It is a normal transaction. "

In this regard, some brokerage analysts said that according to the above situation, the proposed listed company suspected of false operating income.

A lawyer, who declined to be named, told reporters that Europa International was suspected of using more than 500 million yuan of cash to inflate sales revenue or act as a pre-sale payment to beautify cash flow for listing purposes. "Of course, we need to further verify the source of the investment and whether the transaction is genuine."

In addition, a number of investors said that Cui Hongwei, who paid more than 500 million yuan to buy mining equipment to Yibang Telecom, had no job. "Cui Hongwei's sister told us that Cui Hongwei was a housewife." One of the investors said.

Shares or realizable

Billion shares (833294) listed on the new third board in August 2015. In February this year, Yibang stock announcement said that the company intends to list overseas, apply for the termination of the listing of shares, and in March from the new third board delisting. According to the prospectus, the reason for the diversion to Hong Kong is that "the trading of the shares listed on the new third board has not been active and it is in the best interests of the Group to apply in Hong Kong".

Investors told reporters that by the confirmation of senior executives of Yibang Communications, Yindou Accountant Zhu Xiaolin bought Yibang Communications 1 million shares in the secondary market, and still holds the above shares. In the recording, Wang Hongyong said, "Because Yibang Communications has been delisted, it is impossible to evaluate its value, but Zhu Xiaolin is still a shareholder of our company. Her shares can not be transferred now. If listed in Hong Kong, her shares can be transferred."

Reporters in the Tian Eye check to see, in Yibang Hongfa May 18, 2018 investor (equity) on file also has a name Zhu Xiaolin investor.

A lawyer from a law firm in Shanghai said that Yibang Telecom was delisted from the new third board and is now a subsidiary of Yibang Hongfa. Yibang Hongfa is an absolute controlling shareholder, accounting for 99.9964% of the shares. According to industrial and commercial information, another 0.0036% of the shares are held by Pang Zheng. Up to now, the industrial and commercial registration shows that the wholly-owned shareholder of Yibang Hongfa is Hongkong Yibang Technologies Limited, and Zhu Xiaolin has not been queried as the shareholder of Yibang Hongfa or Yibang Communications. If Zhu Xiaolin still holds the corresponding shares as described by Ebon executives, her shares may be arranged in other companies, such as Ebon Hong Kong or on behalf of Pang Zheng, and are not available for inquiry in mainland public archives.

According to a stop operation announcement issued on July 18 by Yindou. com, the actual controller of Yindou. com, Li Yonggang, lost his connection and the fund could not be paid for. Yindou. com stopped operation. According to the official website of Yindou. com, as of August 31, 2018, the cumulative transaction volume of Yindou. com was 10.635 billion yuan, with a balance of 4.337 billion yuan pending receipt and a total of 23,464 lenders. Zhu Xiaolin, an accountant of Yindou. com, is a fugitive suspect in the case of Yindou. Investors told reporters that if Zhu Xiaolin purchased shares from Yindou. com, Yibang Telecom's listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange would cause Zhu Xiaolin to cash in on the red arrest warrant.

In response, the lawyer said: "If Zhu Xiaolin's capital is Yindou fund, investors have their grounds for worrying that Yibang Communications listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will cause Zhu Xiaolin's capital to be transferred through the exchange. But on how to prove that Zhu Xiaolin's funds came from P2P platform, after professional audit by accounting firms, the police made the final judgment. If it is Yindou net funds, can be recovered, first, by the investor with legal capital, the embezzled funds returned to the victim; second, either the actual controller repurchase, or the company repurchase reduction, the victim's capital withdrawal.

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