Drop is interested in Quest Hotel.

Drop is interested in Quest Hotel.

Text: Zhang Jun editor: Song Wei

The drop off has already been brakes, and the hotel may be on the way. With the tightening supervision of China's online contract industry and the shrinkage of its express lines of business, the merger of multiple lines of business can reduce the risk of a single business. In response, the public relations department responded that there were no plans for new businesses in the near future.

In the case of dropping takeaway domestic business to stop expanding, "Finance" exclusively learned that drops began to consider incubating new business, is currently interested in exploring the hotel business.

Finance learned from two sources that the R-Lab team is currently exploring the hotel business, after its main focus on takeovers began in September this year, when top executives stripped some of their staff from the takeout team to experience various hotels, including chain hotels and single hotels.

R-Lab, founded in late 2017, is a first-tier Division set up internally to explore drip boundaries and incubate new products (R means Rebuild) after the U.S. expansion into the taxi. R-Lab is the first product manager, Rowan, who has incubated minibuses and takeouts.

Dripping explores new businesses and drops the takeaway turn. According to a report in Caijing in the article "The Beauty Corps suspends the fighting, the Beauty Corps intends to transfer the takeaway to overseas markets", the takeaway was supposed to enter Jinan and Xi'an in August 2018, but the plan was suddenly stopped at the end of July. With the suspension of the fighting, the takeaway and the Beauty Corps taxi will not be reopened at home for a short time. The new city.

Metro taxi in Nanjing and Shanghai after the stop of Kaicheng, Metro Senior Vice President Wang Huiwen commented publicly that the Metro will not increase investment in the contract car, future investment and "Food" related. According to the "Finance" understand that the management team of take-out in Brazil and Mexico in two routes, drop-out may be part of the transfer to the international sector, responsible for the overseas expansion of the take-out business. It hopes to imitate Uber EATs and take a takeaway contract on overseas network.

So far, for nearly a year, the battle of the US regiment came to an end. One person close to the trip told Finance that the original takeout team, excluding one-third of the public support for customer service, marketing, design and so on, left one-third to continue to do takeout, and about one-third of the business staff were sent to research hotels. At present, the head of the hotel business has also confirmed that the company has made some comments.

According to the aforementioned people, the intention of dripping into the hotel has been determined, but it can not be said that the real project, "I do not know how much the group will pay," is in the preliminary period of investigation, to investigate the source of each hotel, positioning, geographical location and cost-effective. At the same time, the mode and specific plan of online hotel has not been determined yet. From hatching to online, there is still a way to go.

The interest in the hotel area has been reflected in previous news reports. On July 17, DDT jointly announced a strategic partnership with Booking Holdings, an online travel and peripheral service provider, with a $500 million strategic investment from Booking.

On Sept. 3, the Times of India quoted two unnamed people as saying they were expecting to invest in the OYO Hotel chain. OYO is raising a new round of $800 million to $1 billion in financing, about half of which is OYO Global's Indian business and the other half will be injected into OYO China, its wholly owned subsidiary. Since then OYO's Indian and Chinese businesses will split up. Didi and another potential investor, Wework, will only invest in OYO China business.

The company is interested in hotel expansion and has a certain business logic basis. An Internet product manager told the Financial Journal that from the traffic path, people and services are connected drip by drip, and people and services can be divided into local and remote. Local scenes include commuting and services (meals, movies, singing, etc.) and remote scenes include business and travel (hotels, tours), etc. Drops are now expanding from local commuter to other scenarios.

Another online travel company said that the online hotel business is a standard, traffic king, which is a drop in the edge.

However, China's online hotel industry is already a fully competitive industry. Among them, Ctrip, where to go, way cattle and so on belong to the traditional OTA (online travel agency), from air tickets, group tours, hotels and other single products to travel full service development, while the United States regiment Flag Hotel and Ali's flying pigs are backed by the US group, Ali ecology to the hotel, tourism this vertical industry extension.

The online hotel booking market in the first quarter of 2018 reached 121.96 billion yuan, up 37.8 percent from the same period last year, according to a study by Bida Consulting China Online Hotel Reservation Market. According to the Trustdata Q2 2008 China Online Hotel Reservation Industry Development Analysis Report, there were about 20 million new online hotel bookings in China during the quarter, with more than 70% of the new subscribers coming from third-tier and lower cities.

The above Trustdata report shows that China's online hotel bookings order market share ranking is: the United States hotel 49.8%, Ctrip 20.4%, where to go 11.4%, the same Cheng eLong 9.6%, flying pigs 5.4%. The number of overnight entries is in line with the order volume. The market share is: 46.2%, 22.9%, 11.4%, 10.2%, and * 5.7%.

In the field of takeaway battle and the rest of the US regiment, we must face the confrontation with the US regiment in the hotel area. At the same time, unlike takeout, which has only two enemies, the U.S. regiment and the hungry, which face a larger number of rivals in the hotel sector, it is not so easy to compete for a place in an industry where such a strong enemy is around.

At the same time, hotels and travel difficulties are different. Taxi is a heavy capital industry, and the difficulty of hotels lies in supply chain and service. Chen Liang, Senior Vice President of Metro Comments and President of Metro Platform and Wine & Tourism Group, said in an interview with Finance that the low-frequency hotel tourism market is a long-term battle. "Wine brigade is not suitable for big battles, this battlefield is deep mountains and old forests, battle positions; take-out and film market suitable for the concentration of troops, it is the plains, scattered soldier is useless, was destroyed at once, must be concentrated on heavy armor, regular troops to fight."

If it spreads to hotels, "it's like a beauty troupe, which doesn't define itself as a travel company, but as a local life service company." A senior official in the O2 industry told Finance that it is too early to talk about its success, depending on a number of factors, including investment intensity, how to work together, whether the right leader can be found, whether there is a suitable scene to cut in and so on.

If the drop-out expansion is a drop-by-drop strategic defence against the US, then the drop-by-drop expansion into the hotel is no longer that simple, suggesting that the Chinese travel giant, valued at $56 billion, might try a strategic debugging.

Previously, compared with domestic diversification, drip wishes to take a vertical development path, on the one hand, do vertical integration in the domestic market, in April this year it set up a vehicle service platform to promote the flood landing strategy, on the other hand, it is internationalization. But at present, droplets continue to promote vertical development at the same time, is also considering whether to carry out diversified exploration in the domestic market.

"Before the drip is firmly around the vertical integration of travel and car, now also do horizontal expansion." "Amazon is a representative, but Bezos has been very firm for more than 20 years, and their top management team is very stable," said a competitive insider.

Today's drip, after two homicides on the windmill, China's regulation of the contract car industry, drip express line may face a large area of contraction. Against this background, multiple business lines can reduce the risk of single business.

In response to the "Finance" report, the public relations department said that the company was fully engaged in safety rectification and had no plans to launch new business in the near future.

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