Russian media: Russia will help China produce nuclear fuel for CFR-600 fast reactor

Russian media: Russia will help China produce nuclear fuel for CFR-600 fast reactor

Original title Russia Atomic Energy Group will assist China in producing nuclear fuel for CFR-600 fast neutron demonstration reactor.

Russia-China Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement on the CFR-600 Fast Neutron Demonstration Reactor Project, published by the official Russian legal information portal, will assist China in the production of uranium-plutonium nuclear fuel for the CFR-600 Fast Neutron Demonstration Reactor, Russian Satellite News Agency reported on October 26.

The Russian and Chinese governments will provide assistance to the Russian Atomic Energy Group and the Chinese National Atomic Energy Agency in this regard.

According to plan, fast neutron reactor will play an important role in the development of China's nuclear power industry. In 2017, China offered to cooperate with Russia in the construction of a CFR-600 fast neutron demonstration reactor in China. The new reactor CFR-600 will be designed by Chinese people. China started building the reactor at the end of 2017.

According to a previous report by Observer. com, the public annual report for 2017 published on the website of the Russian National Aerospace Group's Afrikantov Machinery Manufacturing and Test Design Bureau showed that the enterprise experts will evaluate the China CFR-600 fast neutron demonstration reactor project, supply the key equipment and provide the technology for the construction of the device. Support and help train local staff.

The report also pointed out that the technology of fast neutron reactor construction is of great significance to the future of nuclear energy. They guarantee high levels of plutonium production compared with thermal neutron reactors, which are used to produce new nuclear fuels. This would make it possible to build closed-loop nuclear fuel systems that could reuse spent fuel many times, and would therefore greatly expand the nuclear fuel base.

It is reported that the fast neutron reactor is also safer than the thermal neutron reactor. Russia is a world leader in fast neutron reactor technology and has been using commercial samples of such reactors for decades.

In addition, Russia will provide China with an isotope heat generator for space. Such equipment is necessary for studying the equipment of the universe, because these devices do not always utilize solar energy. These heat sources can be used in China's automatic space station to study the moon.

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