SF 5 billion 500 million purchases DHL supply chain business. J.P. Morgan is the sole financial adviser.

SF 5 billion 500 million purchases DHL supply chain business. J.P. Morgan is the sole financial adviser.

Sina Financial News on October 27, Shunfeng announced on October 26 that the acquisition of 100% stakes in Dunhao Supply Chain (Hong Kong) Limited and Dunhao Logistics (Beijing) Limited will integrate DPDHL's supply chain operations in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, with a total consideration of 5.5 billion yuan.

According to Sina, Morgan chase is the exclusive financial advisor of SF holdings in this transaction.

Upon completion of the transaction, Shunfeng Hong Kong or its designated wholly-owned subsidiary (hereinafter referred to as "Shunfeng Hong Kong Subsidiary") will become the sole shareholder of Dunhouse Hong Kong and Beijing. Shunfeng will acquire DHL's supply chain management business, management team and transportation warehousing technology in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

The transaction sets a price adjustment mechanism. If the pre-tax profit target for the whole year of 2018 is less than 299 million RMB 10%, then DHL will make corresponding cash compensation. In addition, after the transaction is completed, the integration of the target remains the integrity of the existing operation team and business.

The deal also includes strategic supply chain cooperation agreements between Shunfeng and DHL. Shunfeng and DHL will cooperate in the supply chain field in mainland China and Hong Kong to provide better supply chain solutions for existing and new customers.

"Shunfeng has been actively expanding the capacity of the enterprise service field for a long time, toward becoming the best integrated logistics solution provider in the customer's mind. The partnership with DPDHL Group will enhance the strength of Shunfeng's supply chain services in various industries. At the same time, we will be able to inject leading management experience into the operation of supply chain operations, so that we can become more customer-friendly supply chain solution providers. "By working with DPDHL, the world's leading company, this agreement will help us achieve our vision of global development," said Wang Wei, chairman of Shunfeng.

Frank Appel, global CEO of DPDHL Group, said: "DPDHL Group and Shunfengqiang will unite to create a unique platform to meet the needs of the Chinese market for quality end-to-end supply chain services. Shunfeng has rich experience in the Chinese market and can create advantages for our customers in various fields such as science and technology, health care, retail, automotive and e-commerce. With our outstanding global operating standards and extensive network support, our supply chain business will be greatly strengthened, while laying a solid foundation, so that we can continue to make great strides in the Chinese market in the future, looking for more opportunities.


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