Official media: since the media is still very young, this is not an excuse for being outside the law.

Official media: since the media is still very young, this is not an excuse for being outside the law.

Wang Hua / Xinhua Daily Telegraph

Xinhua Daily Telegraph October 26th, what's wrong with the media? Just a few years ago, people were happy to see the diversity of expression brought about by "everyone has a microphone," but now the media seems to have entered a period of concentrated outbreaks of various problems.

According to "Xinmin weekly" reported that the real estate media extortion shocking. Some real estate from the media to blackmail real estate enterprises, regular real estate enterprises to collect "protection fees", but also every three forks and five "group" accurate attack on enterprises, unscrupulously squeeze "media investment fees", and some public names even so that the annual income of tens of millions of dollars.

Based on mobile communication technology, the breadth and speed of self-Media communication has shown an exponential rise, especially in vertical areas where self-Media can reach the target population and have a greater voice in subdividing the professional field. A seemingly insignificant industry publication with a reading capacity of 100,000 + is enough to be specific. There is a public opinion storm in the field. Frequently in the circle of friends to brush the screen of the communication situation, also enough to make the relevant industry enterprises fear, obedience.

The real estate industry has its own business from the media, some are born in real estate companies, some from public relations companies, some from the formal media. These people are quite familiar with the real estate development process, but also quite able to hold some enterprises "pigtails", coupled with a deep understanding of the law of communication, so that their reports made more lethal. Some take advantage of the relevant real estate enterprises in the public relations crisis, deliberately misinterpret the company's financial data, one-sided emphasis on the enterprise's "high debt" to create a building will be tempestuous situation; some enterprises to adjust the normal personnel as "high-level exchange of blood" and "internal strife. Some even threatened directly: "I have hundreds and thousands of intentional clients on hand. If I write a black manuscript and hit the crowd, you can do it." This is not simply a media blackball, a little action, but a naked extortion.

Since the media has also become a plagiarism, plagiarism, and some from the media to adopt a more covert copyright infringement method, by the original editing of others to integrate "wash manuscripts", with 1000 words 10 yuan to 30 yuan quoted to find the Internet writers, the original "explosive money" article will be replaced by flowers and wood, the new face-to-face line, has formed a huge number of. The underground industry chain, so that the original "self" media no longer have a personal original fresh, but full of manuscript washing, plagiarism and dirty.

In addition, since the media also prevail in a variety of eye-catching "headline party" and traffic anxiety king, singing down China, alarmist, as a commercial hitter and other evils are not enough.

Under the stimulation of the blowout of flow, many self-Media have the illusion of being invincible all over the world, picking up information on the Internet, cutting articles randomly, and being crowned with a stirring headline, can make industry giants obedient, easily create a wave of public opinion boom, and use the power of flow to let the beaten right. How crazy and self inflated is to offer real gold and silver.

Chaos is chaos, traffic flow. People should be soberly aware that the current phenomenon of "anomie" in the field of self-Media is a special reality in the period of media transformation.

The Internet has broken the news norms based on the modern media industry over the past 200 years. The principles of balanced expression, multi-source cross-validation, and neutral media expression seem to be worthless under the calculation of the outburst of anger and horror.

On the contrary, the mode of media dissemination is highly empowering to readers and alienated into "flow fetishism". Some from the media do not talk about neutral expression, to please and cater to fans, the audience like what to feed, using the dark side of human psychology to earn traffic, a variety of conspiracy theories, exaggerated expression, the overflow of Party headlines, in return for a gradual increase in the transfer and click. This in turn forms a "information cocoon room", allowing the relevant audience to indulge in their own "like" distorted information in the dirty water. This phenomenon is similar to the "yellow journalism era" in American history. It is sensationalism, irregularity and shamelessness.

In fact, since the media is not living in a vacuum, since the media articles are constantly mobilizing public opinion, affecting reality, changing the offline world. How much responsibility you have to bear much responsibility. When you use the media to make a lot of money and value hundreds of millions of dollars on a common name, you emphasize that you are an emerging industry. When you are asked to take responsibility for copyright protection and reporting, you emphasize that you are a "personal act," which takes advantage of both cheapness.

The traditional media should emphasize the truth of news and the ethics of communication, and the media should also emphasize the expression of truth and the ethics of communication, pretend to be confused, deliberately create rumors or mislead the public, or even become "network evil forces" to run rampant hegemony and extortion, and also bear legal responsibility.

Since the media is still very young, this is not an excuse for allowing the system to tolerate and to become a place outside the law. The whole market needs self-regulation, the government's tangible hand and the law's hand to regulate and punish in time, and the injured enterprises and individual citizens to take up legal weapons to safeguard their rights, so as to form positive feedback to the market. Under the banner of "Everything is the media, subverting all rules", playing with extortion, rumors rampant activities, sooner or later to "capsize".

(the original topic is "the media is" not too small ", the rules set up quickly).

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