Balance treasure three quarter size reduction 130 billion ant gold clothing: active shunt results

Balance treasure three quarter size reduction 130 billion ant gold clothing: active shunt results

Original title: Tianhong balance treasure three quarter size reduction 130 billion ant gold clothing: active shunt results

The three quarterly disclosure of the fund is completed.

A few days ago, Tianhong Fund released its Tianhong Yue money market fund in the third quarter of 2018 report, Tianhong Yue in the third quarter of the total subscription share of about 1.74 trillion copies, the total redemption reached about 1.87 trillion copies, which also made its size in the third quarter from the beginning of the 1.45 trillion copies to the end of the 1.32 trillion copies, reducing 130 billion 100 million yuan less.

For the reasons for the scale reduction, many industry insiders pointed out that in addition to tightening regulatory policies, there are also declining yields, active diversion and other factors.

Our reporter noticed that since this year, the 7-day annual yield of the IMF has fallen sharply in the third quarter, and many products have fallen from more than 4% to less than 3%.

According to Rong 360, the average seven-day annual yield of 74 Internet baby products was 2.96% this week, down 0.02 percentage points from the previous week, falling for 15 consecutive weeks and reaching a new low in the year, though the decline in the past two weeks has narrowed from last month.

However, it is worth mentioning that although the scale of Tianhong Yue has decreased by 130 billion yuan, the other counterpart funds have increased by more than 140 billion yuan, the total size has not decreased but increased to 1.93 trillion yuan.

Industry analysts believe that the balance of treasure for the industry to open, active shunt double effect.

As early as last June, Ant Gold Clothing announced its accumulated technical capabilities and products will be fully open to financial institutions "mature one, open one".

Then in early May this year, its star product "Yue" began to access other fund companies'money funds.

So far, it has joined the monetary funds of 12 fund companies, such as Bosch Fund, CEF, Huaan Fund and Cathay Pacific Fund.

According to the latest quarterly reports, the single-quarter size growth of Hua'an Rixin A and Jingshun Great Wall Jingyi A exceeded 30 billion yuan, 35.088 billion yuan and 32.234 billion yuan respectively, followed by Cathay Shibao and Guangfa Tianli E, with the single-quarter growth of 29.93 billion yuan respectively. And 28.695 billion, the absolute largest growth of the two money funds, the size of the growth of more than 10 billion funds and Central Europe Ron Qianbao A, Yinhua currency A and Noan Tianbao A. At the same time, with the change of market interest rate and environment, many monetary funds, such as Boshi, China and Europe, which were joined by Baobao in the early stage of opening up, fluctuated steadily, and at the same time, they gradually became stable.

In fact, since its birth in June 2013, and because of its positioning of small, decentralized small change management tools very much in line with the needs of the people, the overall scale continues to rise, by early 2017 has exceeded the scale of 1 trillion yuan.

Then Ant Golden Clothes and Tianhong Fund took the initiative to reduce the growth rate of a single fund. Since May 2017, they have adjusted the purchase rules four times in succession to limit and limit the purchase.

The opening of Yue Yu and the access of more money funds have undoubtedly alleviated the pressure of the rapid growth of Tianhong single fund, reduced the risk of high concentration of the single fund as a whole, and improved the user experience.

According to the data released by various fund companies, the demand of users has been completely dispersed to other access monetary funds, and more ways to experience flexible and convenient services. At the same time, the opening of the bank also allows the industry to contact and understand the needs of more users through the monetary fund, thus providing more and better financial management. Service.

Ant gold clothing also pointed out that the open is the ant financial technology products and services have been adhering to the principle, after several years of exploration and precipitation, risk management capabilities and systems mature, open to share with other fund companies, to provide more users with safe, inclusive, transparent and convenient services.

(source: Chinese times)

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