Chechen leaders: if the US does not want it, Syria can not end the war.

Chechen leaders: if the US does not want it, Syria can not end the war.

Original title: Chechen leader Kadyrov: the United States does not want to, Syria can not end the war.

According to Russian satellite news agency on October 28, Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of the Chechen Republic of Russia, believes that if the United States and other European countries do not want to end, then the Syrian war will not end.

"No matter what the Syrian leaders and the Syrian people think, if the United States, Israel, Europe and other coalition countries do not want to end the war, then the Syrian war will not end," Kadyrov said at a news conference in Grozny, Chechnya's capital. The interests of many countries conflict in Syria. Syria will continue to bleed if these countries can't agree that they have to end the war for the time being.

"The terrorists who control Syria have masters who guarantee all their necessities, and they can't stick to them for a day without them," Kadyrov said. Kadyrov said: "all troops fighting with the Syria government forces are under control. Weapons, clothing, food - all these costs a lot. If I list these countries to bring their mercenaries home, then Syria will restore peace.

He pointed out that the Chechen Republic soldiers who served in Syria as Russian military and police officers gained the confidence of the Syrian local people and successfully completed the task. Kadyrov said, "they have proved that we have given them 100% trust. President Putin praised our staff more than once. The local people of Syria respect the soldiers from the Republic of Chechnya, who have successfully completed the task of ensuring Syrian legal order. Kadyrov said that none of the Chechnya policemen performing their duties in Syria were injured.

It is understood that the armed conflict in Syria has continued since March 2011. According to United Nations data, more than 220 thousand people died during the conflict. But with the start of a counter-offensive by government forces in late 2016, the Syrian war has come to an end, with the exception of Idlib, the Syrian army has recovered all of Syria.

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