Hungry management chaos: embezzlement license, a shop more open health, safety, no guarantee.

Hungry management chaos: embezzlement license, a shop more open health, safety, no guarantee.

Investor newspaper reporter Liu Yilun Gao Fangfang

Because most small and medium-sized shopkeepers are not very good at using the Internet, so these shopkeepers will be business licenses and other store information to the hungry area market managers to register for, but since then many shopkeepers found their information by other stores fraudulent use, once this matter was complained, the result is that the store involved is offline together. In addition, the reporter through on-the-spot visits to a number of merchants to understand that there is not a lot of hungry shops open more than one shop (that is, a business license to open more than one shop), these merchants are accused of more = selective upload photos, real food hygiene situation is not optimistic.

On October 15, our newspaper published an article entitled "Solving the problem of merchants'compliance with regulations and hunger or being accused of ignoring the facts", in which it was written that some of the hungry merchants obtained food business licenses through intermediaries, and there was a large amount of actual information in the hungry platform that did not conform to the disclosed business information. Hungry, although the company did not respond positively, but the same day, the merchants mentioned in the article offline.

After a follow-up interview, the merchants mentioned in the article are not illegal merchants operating in violation of regulations. According to the store holders, the store obtained business license and food safety license respectively in 2017, but before the merchant was offline, the platform disclosed the "two licenses" information and the store's actual business license and food through. The license information does not match. And the store two certificates of information by others embezzlement, the platform has not yet been resolved, in the hungry platform there is a dual-use certificate, while the chaos of the store.

In this regard, reporters to hungry through e-mail and telephone interviews, as of the time of publication, did not receive the relevant response.

Information diversion

On Oct. 15, the reporter wrote in the article "Solve the problem of merchants being hungry or not being accused of ignoring the facts" that the hungry platform shows that the addresses of many merchants do not match the actual operating addresses. One of the beef flour business operators in the platform showed the shop address information as "Shanghai Pudong New Area Longyang Road 2000 2 L2-1 area". In the business information disclosure page "business qualifications" column, the shop was hungry "Grade C merchants.

The actual shop address of the merchant is No. 96 Bohua Road, North Cai Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. On October 17, reporters received information from merchants that their shops were hungry because of media coverage. After understanding, Chen Youshan has the business license and food business license through the compliance approach. When asked why the store operation information did not conform to the platform announcement information, Chen Youshan said, "We handed over the registration procedures such as business license and food safety license to the district marketing manager, who helped us to upload, if not reported, we do not know the information does not conform to the matter."

Chen Youshan is not a good use of new technology shopkeeper, he said, "I do not know what to apply for these processes, methods, simply to be responsible for the hungry market manager to do it."

It is reported that Chen Youshan registered his business license through a formal way on October 25, 2017, and successfully handled the food business license on December 2, 2017. After the store was offline, Chen Youshan with the help of friends in the hungry APP business background to modify information, three days later by the company approved. But the success of the qualification review does not mean the resumption of online, Chen Youshan's current district marketing manager sent a link to Chen Youshan, and said, "I asked today (company), the media exposure is more troublesome, a little time."

A hungry market manager told reporters that, in general, such mismatches are not difficult to solve. The qualified information requiring re-examination will be submitted to the marketing manager in the jurisdiction. The marketing manager will submit the mail confirming the merchant as a valid merchant to the hungry headquarters after on-site inspection. The merchant will be on-line after confirmation by the personnel of the operation and maintenance department. In this regard, reporters to hungry headquarters related personnel interviews, but before the deadline for publication, did not receive the relevant response.

Meanwhile, the reporter noted that the information of Chen Youshan's shop was used by another takeaway food store. Since the district has replaced four marketing managers in less than a year, it is impossible to know who has leaked the business license information of the store and enabled others to successfully register.

Although Chen Youshan's shop has been put on line and its information has been revised by the platform, the merchants who falsely use Chen Youshan's shop information are still in operation, and the information of Chen Youshan's shop is still displayed in the disclosure of the operation information of the merchants who are hungry.

Reporters through telephone contact learned that the real address of the fraudulent licensed steak shop is 300 Longhui Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and this address points to the area of a gourmet city, located in this address of the takeout shop there are more than a dozen, and most exclusively for takeout.

Zhang Ziyang, the store's manager, responded to the fraudulent use of other people's two certificates by saying, "This store was transferred to us by the last owner. Was the store on-line hungry when we checked in? We did it directly (and then the last one was hungry). Our documents are complete, and the information is not yet available. " Zhang Ziyang showed two certificates of information about the store. Both the business license and the food safety license showed the address of the shop at 300 Longhui Road. Before the deadline, the information on the hungry platform remained unchanged.

Qian Ze, director of another merchant, told reporters, "Our business license and food business license and other registration information are uploaded by the market managers within the jurisdiction. Although there is no self-help Uploading System for hungry people, when there is a problem, they can not pass through the APP uploading platform, but to the manager uploaded it. It can be passed. "

Earlier, the reporter reported that Ms. Shan, a merchant in Pingjiang County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, had no way to complain because the two certificates were falsely used by others.

The problem behind the information asymmetry is that consumers don't know where their takeout was sent. Zhou Jinsheng, a Dalian businessman, said, "Although I own a restaurant, I've never seen a physical store platform offline."

Huang Ziwen, a merchant in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, said, "In a conversation with a salesman, the salesman told me that when they went to those shops, the real pictures were taken selectively, and they dared not eat them themselves. "

In this regard, the reporter sent an interview letter to the relevant personnel of the hungry company for interview, and received no reply before the deadline for publication.

Open more shops

Through on-the-spot visits, it was found that the actual operating address of the fraudulent calf steak shop was a milk tea shop, but there was a phenomenon that milk tea and covered food were operated simultaneously in the shop. The store specializes in take-out business, and there is no room for dining halls.

Searching for the name of the dairy tea shop on the hungry motherland, the shop was labeled "new shop" to see if the dairy tea shop was hungry or not. It was the two certificates of the owner of the fraudulent calf steak shop who used other people's licenses. His business license was registered on April 24, 2018, and his food business license was issued on July 8, 2018. .

For this "one shop more open" phenomenon, hungry have not explicitly prohibited, and set up a barrier when allowed to enter the Internet, will upload duplicate information merchant registration request to be rejected.

But on a street in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, a reporter from Investor's Daily found that almost all the businesses in the street had more stores open and information was diverted.

In this regard, the reporter interviewed the industry and commerce law enforcement authorities, the person said, if found on-line with a business license to open a number of other stores, will be confiscated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law illegal income, and in accordance with the amount of illegal income to implement the corresponding multiple fines, but for the hungry is not so flat There are no regulations on the takeaway platform in Taiwan and other places. Reporters repeatedly called the Shanghai food and drug administration law enforcement brigade, but the phone has never been connected.

Bad money drives good money?

According to some merchants, hungry mothers take a 20% Commission on each take-out, and the minimum commission is not less than 4-5 yuan, to ensure the operation cost of hungry mothers. In addition to commissions, hungry merchants are also "encouraged" to do promotional activities, activities such as full subsidy reduction activities, in the home picture recommendation, in the vicinity of merchants recommended.

Wang Qing of Shanghai Pudong New Area told reporters, just on-line stores because there is no fame and sales must do activities, so as to be able to display the name of the top 20 merchants on the page, consumers can see. On-line take-out every single deduction platform to extract commissions, material costs profitable space is very small, only through the amount of money can be made, so in order to rank had to do activities. "

According to a number of merchants, doing activities can indeed lead to increased sales, but because most of the subsidies come from the merchants, there may be more activities more losses.

According to a long-term takeout business, said, "Sales, praise and so on are the factors of platform considerations, but praise for the actual operation of merchants is difficult, but sales volume is relatively easy, direct is to do activities."

Huang Ziwen, a businessman in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, told reporters, "Businessmen subsidize activities and do not do activities in small quantities, so some businessmen will raise the unit price to do activities to ensure that they will not lose. "Huang Ziwen told reporters a case to do a"20 yuan less 10 yuan"activity, platform subsidy 2 yuan, the remaining 8 yuan to the merchant to pay for themselves. Huang Ziwen said, "Our online food prices are the same as the physical stores, we can only do small activities to ensure that not a loss. "

Huang Ziwen said that the big events are small black workshops in secondary stores because they have low operating costs and raise prices online, so there is a lot of room for activity.

Huang Ziwen refers to the two storefront, that is, hire cheap stores, specifically for takeaway, no hall food. "The more activities secondary stores do, the higher the sales volume, in the long run will squeeze the general merchants'living space, for consumers, platform long-term development is also not beneficial. Huang Ziwen spoke to reporters about his worries.

(the names mentioned in this article are pseudonyms)

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