Tesla electric semi trailer reservations were told to pick up the car in 2020.

Tesla electric semi trailer reservations were told to pick up the car in 2020.

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[TechWeb] Oct. 29, Tesla Semi electric semi-trailer truck is the next vehicle project the automaker plans to mass-produce, according to car news website Electrek. But now bookers say the company expects to deliver the car by 2020, a year after Tesla plans to start production.

Tesla announced that the prototype electric semi-trailer will be put into production in 2019 after it was launched and opened in November 2017.

James O'leary, vice president of logistics at NFI Industries, said his company ordered 10 Tesla electric semi-trailers but was told to use them at the University of Pennsylvania's "Push America Forward: Next Generation Truck Cargo Transportation" summit. Delivery is to be made in 2020.

"Although Musk didn't talk about it on the earnings call, the company was relatively in line with its own timetable," Mr Oliri said.

At last week's earnings call, Musk did say that Tesla's electric semitrailer had made progress, but he didn't update the timetable.

Ollie says it makes sense for them to use electric trucks because their companies have significantly fewer miles than the average logistics industry.

In addition to ordering Tesla electric semi-trailers, NFI Industries, in collaboration with Daimler, plans to test their new electric vehicle, eCascadia, jointly developed next year, which is scheduled for mass production in 2021. In 2019, Daimler will deliver 10 eCascadias to NFI Industries for transportation between the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports and warehouses in California.

Tesla promised to provide 300 miles (483 kilometers) and 500 miles (805 kilometers) of electric semi-trailers, respectively, while Daimler said eCascadia had a range of about 250 miles (402 kilometers). In addition, the company is also working with Volvo truck Corp to develop their own electric truck project.

Oliri praised Tesla's contribution to the electric truck industry. "In the past, nobody in North America talked about electric trucks until the local news media reported the launch of Tesla electric semitrailers," he said. This basically leads to what we call the Tesla effect.

However, Oliri still expressed some concerns about Tesla electric semi trailer. He believes that the final delivery price of the car may exceed the previously announced price, and the recharging infrastructure plan is still unclear.

In addition to electric semi trailer trucks, Tesla is developing Model Y and a major upgrade Roadster. At last week's Q3 earnings call, Musk said the Model Y prototype had been approved for production and would probably be released in March 2019. At a February earnings call, Musk said it would start spending capital on Model Y from the third or fourth quarter of 2008.

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