Beijing housing construction commission: illegal use of public rental households to cancel the physical security housing qualification

Beijing housing construction commission: illegal use of public rental households to cancel the physical security housing qualification

Xinjing News (Reporter Deng Qi) Beijing Municipal Committee for Housing and Construction issued a notice today (29), found that public rental housing tenants suspected of sub-leasing, sub-lending and other illegal use of affordable housing, housing security departments in all districts should cancel the family's various types of affordable housing qualifications information files The family is not allowed to apply for public rental housing (including market rental allowance) and common property rights housing again within five years from the date of disqualification decision. After 5 years, the application for re registration and the qualification for registration should be guaranteed by the way of market rent subsidy. That is to say, in principle, we will permanently abolish the qualification of affordable housing.

Beijing Municipal Committee for Residential Construction issued today "on the strict illegal sub-leasing of public rental housing family qualification management notice." In order to crack down on illegal acts such as subleasing and lending, increase the cost of violations, and safeguard social equity and justice, the Housing Construction Commission issued the Notice.

"Notice" stipulates that housing security departments and public rental housing property rights units (operation and management units) in all districts should strengthen family warning education on housing security, when handling the procedures for public rental housing, should inform the security family in writing to comply with the relevant provisions of public rental housing management, strictly prohibit subleasing, transfer to the public A total of rental housing, and in the lease contract expressly breach of liability clause.

Secondly, each public rental housing property unit should set up a prominent position in the community policy propaganda column, reporting boxes and signs, the public signs should be written "this community (building) for public rental housing, strictly prohibit sublease, sublease, illegal prosecution" and other words, at the same time to publicize the project property rights units, management units, responsible persons and reporting. Telephone content. Property right units should publicize the public rental housing policy on a daily basis, and guide families to use their houses legally and regularly by issuing brochures and posting posters, and jointly resist illegal acts such as subleasing and lending. Property rights units should increase the daily inspection, timely grasp the use of housing, found sublease, sublease behavior, according to the contract to terminate the lease contract and report to the district housing security department.

If the housing security department of the district finds out that the tenants of public rental housing are suspected of subleasing, subleasing and other illegal use of the security houses by means of reporting to the property right units, reporting to the masses, checking and inspecting, the verification of the cancellation of family qualifications shall be started synchronously. After investigation and verification, if the family has acted in violation of regulations, the housing security department of the district shall make a decision to deal with it according to the relevant provisions, disqualify all kinds of family security houses (including public rental housing subsidies and market rental housing subsidies), stop issuing rental subsidies, and return the rental housing to the rental housing, and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Measures for the Administration of Public Rental Housing A fine is imposed.

In addition, the municipal and district housing security departments should strengthen social supervision by publicizing the decisions on illegal sub-leasing and sub-leasing families, including family information, processing basis and processing results, through the government's official website or media. Municipal housing security departments will copy relevant information to relevant departments at the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the family to implement joint punishment.

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