Sky mobile phones reveal the bottleneck of upgrading industries

Sky mobile phones reveal the bottleneck of upgrading industries

Author: Yuan Shan (Financial commentator)

Mobile phone manufacturers should still put the main investment in 5G mobile phones, that is the next mobile phone market must contend.

Recently, Huawei launched its latest co-designer with Porsche, the Mate 20R, which costs about 168,000 yuan for a high-profile edition. In addition, the OPPO Find x Lamborghini version is also sparked by its high price.

Previously, the high-end market has been dominated by the iPhone has been Austrian jewelry, Falcon and other brands of cooperation, the introduction of mobile phone prices soared to millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, this kind of cheap mobile phone is just an attempt to diversify the price of iPhone mobile phone brands. Another piece of news about sky-priced mobile phones is that Vertu, the world's leading sky-priced mobile phone business, had to close its production line in the UK because of a shortage of funds.

As for domestic sky phone, it has a long history. As early as in the past few years, 8848, TCL, Jinli and so on have launched titanium mobile phones, diamond phone and so on. However, in 2016, some consumers reported to the Chinese Consumer Association that the 8848 Titanium Gold mobile phone was not in conformity with the publicity. After investigation, the Chinese Consumer Association pointed out that the 8848 Titanium Gold mobile phone was suspected of false publicity, and the claim of some rare metals did not exist at all. 8848 after the exposure of the false propaganda incident, it went downhill.

Skyprice mobile phones paint a big pie, but the real market demand is far from what manufacturers had expected. Firstly, the attributes of mobile phones are becoming more and more fast-moving products. On the one hand, the cycle of introducing new iterations is shortening. On the other hand, the younger generation will choose to replace mobile phones as high-frequency consumption. This determines that the investment value of sky-priced mobile phones is seriously weakened.

It should be noted that the previous propaganda about the sky-high price mobile phone, all depends on the manufacturer's emphasis on dignity, high quality, etc., but dignity does not equate to price, but depends on the user's perception of the brand matching. Users agree that the "value of the diamond brand will last forever," but are unlikely to accept the "brand forever" that diamond grafting brings to mobile phones.

When LG, Kinley and other mobile phones have declined, then the original spent a lot of money to buy their diamond mobile phone users fell into the embarrassment of no relevant mobile phone brand endorsement. For such a lesson, other users will be more cautious.

In fact, the sky high price mobile phone is a reflection of the upgrading bottleneck of the mobile phone industry. When the industry market is not innovative enough, product homogeneity is serious, enterprises will often pick up the so-called price differentiation strategy. Some of them used to take the civilian price line of mobile phone brands, to launch so-called high-end phones, the goal is not to sell more, but to achieve brand upgrade.

At the beginning, the reason why smartphones subverted the function machine was that the function machine could only meet the communication needs, while the smartphone realized the connection to the mobile Internet, and built an integrated system, which could continuously introduce various new software, APP and other functions, so as to provide users with a continuous increase in richness. Service.

Nowadays, smartphones lack important breakthroughs in functional innovation. Major brands, including Apple, can only do something about hardware performance, such as camera function, but this is not enough to meet consumers, especially young people's demand for upgrade. The slowdown in the global mobile phone market in recent two years is the decline in consumer demand. Result.

Even if only the sky-priced mobile phone as a marketing tool, its sensation has been far less than before, can provide mobile phone brand support is also increasingly weak. According to industry insiders, the sky-priced mobile phone market is currently only 70,000 or 80,000 units, compared with the major brands to launch sky-priced mobile phone in the manufacturing and marketing links of investment, such "upgrade" may be worthwhile.

Therefore, for the major domestic mobile phone brands, the sky-high price mobile phone prospects based on false demand is not optimistic. Mobile phone manufacturers should still put the main investment in 5G mobile phones, that is the next mobile phone market must contend.

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