Long March two rocket propellant "ride" carrying 7 small satellites successfully launched

Long March two rocket propellant

Source: Xinhua viewpoint micro-blog

[two March third rocket ride with 7 small satellite successfully launched synchronous transport a plurality of human genetic samples] 29 days, by the first Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Chinese grasp the overall development of the Long March two C rocket blasted off from the Jiuquan satellite launch centre, the success of Sino French ocean satellite into predetermined orbit The launch mission was successful.

The reporter learned from the hospital of Aerospace Science and technology group, in addition to the launch of the Changerbing rocket equipped with French ocean satellite, also use the remaining capacity, to "ride" in the form of small satellites equipped with 7. Changerbing rocket deputy chief designer Xu Qin introduced, in addition to previous Changerbing rocket ruler task, carry up to 1 to 2 small satellites, the satellite is equipped with a record number of the most Changerbing rocket.

In order to adapt to the multi satellite launch mission, the development team was reformed in the body structure, set up a satellite equipped with ring installation platform, for small satellites equipped with installation, and increased with the controller, the purpose is to receive the actual ruler signal separation, sent to the small satellite timing according to the The small satellite completes its separation action on its own.

The French ocean satellite launch is completed, but also a series of transfer action, coupled with the small satellite equipped with a number of small satellites, each direction separation speed and order and safety are likely to affect the task. This type of personnel to carry out separation and analysis, near and far field analysis of mechanical properties of a series of work, to ensure the safe and reliable task.

During the mission of the long two rocket, human genome samples were also sent to space. The person responsible for the hospital's Department of Aerospace Science and technology group, the project is a technology demonstration and public launch projects, gene samples from "three body" author, science fiction writer Liu Cixin, physicist and science writer Li Miao, project sponsors Chen Shi, Li Bing and other investors who donated items, the sample delivery gene loaded in too In the empty container, it is installed in the cubic star developed by Tian Yuan Research Institute in this mission. These gene samples will be kept in space for long time after they enter the sun synchronous orbit.

The environmental monitoring data during the launch process and genetic samples will be recorded and kept track of return, fully verify the feasibility of earth species genetic samples in space preservation and effectiveness, exploration and propaganda earth species genetic resources protection. (reporter Hu Zhe, Zhang Quan)

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