Tencent again resorted to the big move! New game products will enable health system

Tencent again resorted to the big move! New game products will enable health system

App News of China Stock Exchange (Reporter Yu Mengmeng) on November 5, China Securities Journal reporters learned from Tencent that up to now, the health system of Wang Zhenghong has been running steadily and upgraded smoothly, and will soon complete the compulsory real-name verification of public security for all users. Tencent will use this proven anti-addiction measure as a standard configuration for online game products.

In 2017, Tencent launched the health system first in its most popular "King glory" game. Tencent Inc said, then according to the plan, will include independent research and proxy issue, 9 popular mobile games, complete access to health system in 2018 and enabled. In the 10 paragraph after 2019 years, the coverage of health system will be expanded to its other mobile games and PC games.

It is reported that all enabled health system game products, the user account will accept the security check name mandatory, to confirm the information related to the identity of the real effective. Check after the confirmation for the minors account will be incorporated into the health system for addiction prevention, 12 years of age (including 12 years of age) every 1 hours (at the same time, the daily limit to play 21:00- the next day between 8:00 and forbidden to play), more than 12 years of age minors daily limit of 2 hours to play. Verify that the account is not allowed to log in.

Tencent Inc said in access across the board game products at the same time, the Tencent will not stop the pace of upgrading the health system. The future, there will be more and more supporting function research, cutting-edge technology will try, and combined with the existing "growth guard platform" and "minor active service" and other related work, continuous improvement of Tencent in all aspects of the health of minors on network protection system.

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