China armament industry group equipment will be built into a system to appear at Zhuhai air show.

China armament industry group equipment will be built into a system to appear at Zhuhai air show.

Source: Ordnance Industry Group

In the golden autumn, China Weapons Industry Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Weapons Industry) once again shocked the 12th China International Aerospace Exposition (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhuhai Air Show"). At this grand meeting, the Weapons Industry Group will launch a series of new products and systems of formed weapons systems and solutions in the fields of armor assault, firepower strike, air defense and antimissile, intelligent ammunition and so on, reflecting the highest level of foreign trade weapons and equipment of our army, and demonstrating strong scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development and advanced system. Ability to build.

Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era and Xi Jinping's thought of strengthening the army, the Weapon Industry Group aims to cultivate world-class defense groups, support the construction of world-class army and achieve high-quality development, so as to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of development. Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the total profit of the arms industry group has maintained a double-digit growth, and its business scale ranks first among the military industry groups. The turnover of military trade exports ranks first among the military industry groups. For 14 consecutive years and four consecutive terms, it has been ranked as Grade A in the performance appraisal of the State Assets Commission of the State Council. In 2018, it ranked 140 in the Fortune 500 list of the world. Position.

The weaponry industry group is the backbone of the development of our army's mechanized, informationized and intelligent equipment, the core support of the army's damage attack, the main body of scientific research and manufacture of the combat capability of the modern new army system, and the pioneer and leader of our military and trade undertakings. In the air show, the Weapons Industry Group highlighted the theme of "wisdom exhibition". It launched high-tech weapon systems including armor assault, firepower strike, air defense and anti-missile, intelligent ammunition, unmanned combat and photoelectric information. It exhibited a large number of exhibits, a large scale of exhibits and high technology level. Among them, more than 160 products were exhibited. Nearly 50 large-scale physical products and more than 60% of new products have been produced. Through physical static display, VR demonstration, dynamic performance, multimedia and other ways, the comprehensive and three-dimensional display of the various kinds of precedents of the weaponry industry group in conformity with the trend of the new global military transformation and in accelerating the independent development and launching to the compound development of mechanization and informatization has been carried out. Weapons and equipment, panoramic display of high-tech internationalization of the image of the arms industry.

In the field of armored assault, tank and armored vehicles, such as VT4 main battle tank, VT5 light tank, ST1 105mm assault gun, VN17 tracked infantry combat vehicle and VN16 amphibious 105 assault gun, are fully equipped. These products have powerful weapon system, advanced information system and good cross-country mobility. Global mobility, multiple strikes, information coordination, active and passive protection meet the continuous demand of users in various countries for wheeled and caterpillar armor products, which is highly recognized and widely praised by the international military trade market.

In the field of firepower attack, we focus on displaying the ground-air integration, range convergence, point-to-surface integration and destruction of various firepower attack equipment systems composed of multi-barrel rocket, howitzer, mortar and other equipment. The launch platforms of multi-caliber suppression weapons, represented by AR3, SR5 and 155 fire strike systems, cover the range of long, medium and near, and can meet the operational needs of different types of weapon platforms.

In the field of air defense and anti-missile, the core is low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude air defense and anti-missile system, which integrates medium-range and short-range air defense missile system, short-range air defense and anti-missile weapon system, self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system and missile-gun combined air defense system. It has the outstanding characteristics of multi-layer cooperation, integrated air defense, missile-gun combination and missile- Including Tianlong 50 medium-range air defense missile system, air defense missile weapon system and other air defense and anti-missile equipment system formation for inspection.

In the field of intelligent ammunition, the combination of rocket and rocket, penetrating armor and attacking top of terminal sensitive ammunition comprehensively covers anti-tank missiles, rocket launchers and ammunition of different levels, types and ranges. It has the characteristics of long range, high accuracy, high firepower, simple operation and maintenance, and high efficiency-cost ratio. More than 30 years of glorious history, the well-known Red Arrow series of anti-tank and Blue Arrow series of air-to-ground missiles showcased brilliantly.

Constructed weapon systems and systematic solutions are the highlights of the China Armaments Museum at the current air show. In recent years, in line with the profound changes in the international military trade situation, the arms industry has actively promoted the integration of single equipment with technology and tactics, the upgrading of overall operational capability, the upgrading of integrated equipment model and the upgrading of "package" system solutions, and achieved remarkable results. In this air show, the model of formed equipment represented by synthetic forces, mountain forces, amphibious forces, coastal defense forces, special operations forces and fast anti-aircraft forces and a package of solutions represented by integrated army combat system, precision strike equipment system, air defense system and integrated coastal defense weapon system are relied on. Traditional weapon platforms incorporate communications, electronics, air defense, anti-terrorism, riot prevention, Beidou, coastal defense, air reconnaissance and strike and other related equipment. They demonstrate the integration capability of China Weapons Industry Group in integrating internal and external resources and specialized systems. They can help users quickly form systematic operational capabilities and meet the diversification of users. And personalized needs.

In addition, the products independently developed and manufactured by the Weapons Industry Group in the dynamic performance segment of this air show are characterized by a wide range of types, large quantities, many new products and outstanding intelligence in information technology. VT4, VT2B, VT5 tanks, VN1, VN2, VN4 wheeled armored vehicles, VN12, VN17 caterpillar infantry combat vehicles, VN21 wheeled land-based general platform, VP11 mine-proof vehicles, VP22 transport vehicles, etc. will be independently developed and manufactured by the weaponry industry to show high-level motor-climbing, trench-crossing, pool-wading, snake-like vehicles, etc. Flexibility and strong cross-country ability provide audiences with a magnificent modern armor torrent costume performance. In addition, the multi type unmanned platform will also debut.

With the help of Zhuhai Airshow, a world-famous exhibition platform, China Weapons Industry Group is willing to let friends at home and abroad pay close attention to and understand the remarkable achievements made by the weaponry industry in scientific and technological innovation, civil-military integration and international operation, communicate, exchange, explore and cooperate with partners from all walks of life, and share the field of Chinese Army weapons. Systematization, informationization and intellectualization are the achievements of development, and we will feel the strong impact of the new world military reform. With this Zhuhai Air Show as a new starting point and opportunity, China Weapons Industry Group will join friends from all walks of life in a grand event and make great strides forward to achieve the goal of strengthening the army in the new era and make unremitting efforts!

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