Lei Jun: no big domestic enterprise is made by college students.

Lei Jun: no big domestic enterprise is made by college students.

Lei Jun: building a dream "the stars and the sea"

Text reporter? Ma Wen Liang

On July 9, 2018, Xiaomi, founded by Lei Jun, was listed in Hong Kong, becoming the first listed company of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to push "different rights with the same shares", and ranked among the top three IPOs of science and technology stocks in history. On the front of this millet souvenir shirt, it says, "Good luck will not be bad for a kind person"; on the back, it says, "Fools are blessed with fools".

Lei Jun spoke at the scene, he said: "From the first day of birth, every inch of millet blood vessels are flowing with innovative blood. But real innovation is never easy. There is no innovation that does not require tremendous effort, nor innovation that does not experience numerous setbacks, nor innovation that does not withstand misunderstanding or even criticism. The more you understand this, the more grateful you are. Thank you for all your understanding, trust, encouragement and support.

In Zhongguancun, the humble and polite Lei Jun is recognized as an innovator and a subversive in the mobile phone industry. He is an entrepreneur, Jinshan Express Translation, Painting King, Drug Bulls, Game, are closely related to him, Jinshan WPS is the backbone of national software; he is an angel investor, UCweb, YY voice, Lakara, Vancouver Chengpin, the success of these companies all verify Lei Jun's vision; he is also an entrepreneur, outstanding network sold, and then created. Millet technology, "not necessarily win or lose", he wants to be a great company like apple.

With such a dream, millet appeared like this. Whether from its financing process or business model, its development process has created an incredible miracle: from 2010 to 2014, in just four years, millet valuation soared from $250 million to $45 billion.

This is a company full of miracles. Since its birth, it has become the "subversive" of the mobile phone industry, which is also the most competitive industry in the world. A small company of more than a dozen people has been the first in China and the third in the world in two and a half years. At the same time, millet is the fastest-growing company with revenue of more than $1 billion, and the fastest-growing company with revenue of more than $10 billion --- it took less than five years from its inception to its revenue of more than $10 billion.

Despite the pains of 2015-2016, millet successfully turned over in 2017 and achieved its revenue target of over 100 billion yuan in advance. It took Apple 20 years, Facebook 12 years, Google 9 years, domestic technology companies 17 years, Ali 17 years, Tencent 17 years, Huawei 21 years. In fact, as early as the 2014 NPC and CPPCC sessions, Lei Jun set this goal, and in four years, millet sales reached 100 billion yuan. Now, finally, we have achieved our wish.

This is the secret of innovation for the subversive.

Together with the days of Jinshan

Lei Jun's original dream was to be an excellent programmer, which was closely related to his major in university. In 1987, Lei Jun was admitted to the Computer Department of Wuhan University. It took him only two years to complete the four-year course of the university. The PASCAL program written in his freshman year was already included in the textbook of freshman year when he was a sophomore. Deep DOS Programming and Deep Windows Programming, compiled by him during his university years, are also highly praised by programmers.

During his junior summer vacation in 1990, Lei Jun's friend Wang Guoguo and another friend wanted to start a company, pull him into the company, let him be responsible for technology and services, and share the shares equally among four people. Lei Jun was very confident in his technology, and agreed almost without hesitation.

The company is named Sunsir (Tri-colour). It hopes that the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue will create a colorful new world (6.620, 0.06, 0.91%). The team seems to be strong. There are 14 people in the company with the largest number of people, and the business scope is very wide. They sell computers, make imitation Chinese cards, and even take over typing and printing. In fact, there is little money in the company's account. Even eating is a problem. Before long, the company's technology of imitating Hanka was stolen, the other party did more at a time, and the price was cheaper than them. The product made little money.

With the high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship being consumed by the cruel reality day by day, Lei Jun began to think about a question: as a student, do I have the ability to start a business? After thinking for a long time, he proposed to break up.

It was a Sunday in winter. Everyone agreed to withdraw from Lei Jun and Wang Guoguo. They separated a 286 printer and a stack of chips and left.

"It's ridiculous now to be like a family." Lei Jun said that this entrepreneurial experience, let oneself see clearly the reality - no large domestic enterprise is made by college students'entrepreneurship.

In 1991, Lei Jun graduated from university. In November of that year, he met Qiu Bojun: "Qiu Bojun wore a good black woolen overcoat that day, which was very graceful. It shocked me greatly and made me feel like a country child standing in front of successful people." In Lei Jun's eyes, Qiu Bojun is the best programmer in China and an idol. He thought that if Jinshan could create a Qiu Baijun, he would create second or third. This idea inspired him.

In January 1992, Lei Jun formally joined Jinshan Software. Lei Jun spent three years developing Pangu, a component that enriches WPS functions. Four years later, Lei Jun ranks among the top ten outstanding young people in China, while Robin Li, who was still studying in the United States at that time, was collecting money from Ma Huateng to set up his first company. IT

Lei Jun likes reading. He said that the book Fire of Silicon Valley, which he read when he was 18, is the source of his dream. It tells the story of a group of people like Jobs and Wozniak who founded Apple Computer Company and changed the world. "Jobs said that living is to change the world, because Americans think they are the center of the world. I said I started my business for the sake of science and technology, do you believe it?" This also became Lei Jun's lifelong pursuit of the dream, "science and technology to serve the country" seed germination, until later met Qiu Bojun, let him realize that abandoning politics and business can also achieve science and technology to serve the country, which he began to believe.

In 1998, Lenovo injected capital, Jinshan reorganized and asked Bojun to nominate him. The board of directors served as general manager through Lei Jun. At the same time, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other companies have been established, and later developed into the "big man" in the field of Internet in China, while Lei Jun has been sticking to Jinshan, until October 2007, Jinshan finally listed in Hong Kong, but the market value is only a fraction of a mainstream Internet listed company. Two months later, Lei Jun chose to leave.

When fate was thrown at the crossroads, he finally had the courage to break his boat. Lei Jun said that he did not get out of the low ebb until he was over forty years old and started millet science and technology with the belief that either he would win or he would lose. Therefore, he realized the entrepreneurial feeling of "jumping off the cliff".

Internet "millet era" subversive

"On April 6, 2010, several of us quietly founded the millet company in the Silver Valley Building of the North Fourth Ring Road. We drank a bowl of millet porridge together and started a difficult business trip."

At that time, Lei Jun was over 40 years old. He was an old soldier in the Internet field. "Liu Chuanzhi was a 40-year-old entrepreneur, Ren Zhengfei was 43 years old, I think it's no big deal for me to start over at 40."

People are great because of their dreams. He said that when they were 18 years old, they wanted to run a world-class enterprise. When they were 40 years old, they found that their goals were getting farther and farther. They tried again, and they admitted that they had lost. He is not afraid to try even though he is old.

In the early days of his entrepreneurship, Lei Jun was very low-key. First, he quietly set up a company, then developed MIUI system in the name of a third party, even when recruiting, he did not say that he was the real boss. For more than a year since the founding of millet, no one was allowed to say that millet was founded by Lei Jun, nor did they issue press releases, and refused to accept any interviews. Lei Jun's idea is that all efforts should be focused on making the product well.

"Highly identify" avenue to Jane ", the more simple things are more difficult to do. We only made a cell phone, and only one name, called millet mobile phone.

One summer after starting his business, Lei Jun formally launched his millet mobile phone by standing in the middle of the stage and giving a two-hour speech in the form of an Apple conference. At that time, many "rice noodles" shouted "Rebus", which seemed to show the heavy innovative mission of the Chinese entrepreneur who praised "Jobs".

Millet is considered to be the most innovative product in China's Internet industry. Its significance lies in that it is a product of pure Internet thinking. From business model, hardware and software, marketing mode, channel innovation and community construction, it is a complete subversion and innovation. At this time, Lei Jun positioned himself as an "entrepreneur", starting a business as if dancing on a cliff, and this time, he was desperate.

In the millet era, Lei Jun is totally immersed in the happiness of a product manager, no longer wearing suits and shoes, but wearing T-shirts and jeans to work, just like most Internet bosses, casual but energetic. Li Wanqiang said that millet is the perfect embodiment of Lei Jun's product spirit. Selecting the boot screen of millet, the team saw 1 million photos. "The ultimate is to do what others can't see and do very well." Lei Jun often tells the story of "seabed fishing" and says that the product must exceed expectations.

Since the shipment on October 20, 2011, in less than three months, millet has achieved a sales performance of 1 million units. Even more surprising is that on the day of delivery, 100,000 mobile phones were booked out in just three hours, and the sales myth of 200 million yuan was enough to make consumers look at millet as a rising star. However, the development of millet is not a smooth road, and doubts and attacks have always followed the shadow. In May 2012, some people attacked millet profiteering and spread the news of millet's third financing ahead of time, which brought great resistance to Lei Jun.

At that time, Lei Jun held a press conference and responded to questions one by one. He also made a cost table to calculate how much millet actually earned. "The announcement of our success in financing ahead of time puts us in a dilemma - the answer is to lift the sedan chair and get planted without reply. We try to persuade investors to publish financing information."

Lei Jun said, "The company's business philosophy is to try not to make enemies", which may be closely related to his personality.

Millet mode: a sample of Chinese innovation

Why can millet company succeed quickly? Lei Jun explained this way: From reality, what is the most fundamental change that the Internet has brought to the society? It is symmetry. Simply speaking, it is symmetry of information. Symmetry of power and distribution of resources are based on symmetry of information. He said: from the perspective of information symmetry, marketing should be true, not over-propaganda, over-propaganda will easily be identified by users using Internet search and other tools; how to get real consumers, we must make the product to the extreme; how to make the product to the extreme, we must concentrate; products to the extreme will be. At the same time, in the Internet era, everything is developing rapidly and information flows rapidly. No company has secrets. The fittest survive faster than all competitors.

And in Millet marketing is Lei Jun made the ultimate. With powerful marketing, enterprises and products are personified.

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