The European Union intends to levy taxes on Google and other technology companies.

The European Union intends to levy taxes on Google and other technology companies.

On the evening of November 5, Sina Technologies News Beijing time, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said today that France hopes to resolve its differences with Germany before the end of December and reach an agreement on the EU's readiness to impose taxes on technology companies.

According to a proposal by the European Commission, the European Union will impose a 3% sales tax on large technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, which derive a large portion of their revenues from Europe. Previously, many EU member states complained that big technology companies such as Google avoided taxes by transferring profits to low-tax countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg.

France's attitude towards the proposal is more positive, Germany is relatively cold, while Ireland and Luxembourg and other EU member states oppose it.

In response, Lemel said in an interview with BFM TV today: "We are determined to make a decision, and we have not yet found common ground. But Germany has said that we will continue our negotiations. In the next few weeks, we hope to reach agreement. "

Lemerre also said that the two countries are expected to reach agreement on this issue early next month. Lemel said in September that the tax plan would also target European companies, not just American ones. "Some European companies will also be included in the scope of Taxation," he said.

To become a formal law, the tax plan needs the consent of all EU Member States. Industry insiders say the plan may be opposed by small and medium-sized countries in EU Member States because they fear that their attractiveness to transnational corporations will be reduced. (Li Ming)

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