Takeaway delivery, knocking down, taking out, taking compensation 20 thousand

Takeaway delivery, knocking down, taking out, taking compensation 20 thousand

The Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) took away the driver and knocked Chen into a coma. The Tongzhou Court closed the case today, ordering its company to compensate Ms. Chen for more than 20,000 yuan because it acted on duty during the meal delivery.

On the evening of April this year, at a pedestrian crosswalk lamp in Tongzhou District, a takeaway, Meng Mou, was driving a motorcycle to deliver the takeout and knocked down Ms. Chen, who was walking there, into a coma. After the incident, the traffic control department found that the camera at the scene of the incident could not be identified, Meng Mou said that he fell unconscious on the spot. Therefore, the traffic control department did not identify responsibility. After the incident, Ms. Chen asked Meng Mou to take responsibility. Meng Mou said that he did not know the traffic light status of the place of the incident at that time. She was also injured after the incident and was unwilling to take responsibility.

After accepting Ms. Chen's complaint, the court informed Meng Mou to come to the court for hearing formalities and other materials many times. Meng Mou said that he had no fixed residence and was not willing to participate in the lawsuit because of the tight delivery time. After the court explained the legal risk of not participating in the litigation, Meng finally came to the court to collect relevant materials and cooperate with the trial of the case. In the court hearing, Meng Mou said that if it assumed responsibility, it should be assumed by its company. Meng Mou Company recognized Meng Mou's official behavior at the time of the incident and was willing to take responsibility for the accident. After the hearing, the Tongzhou court, based on the location of the incident and the means of transportation of both parties and other factors, determined that Mengmu was responsible for 70% of the accident, and decided that Mengmu Company should compensate Ms. Chen for the losses of more than 20,000 yuan. After the verdict was served, neither side appealed, and the verdict is now in force.

The judge warned that in order to deliver the takeout to customers on time, some takeout workers often violate traffic regulations. To this end, the takeaway and takeaway platforms should strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations and improve the awareness of traffic safety.

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