India's first strategic nuclear submarine completes the "Trinity" nuclear deterrent strategy

India's first strategic nuclear submarine completes the

[Global Times reported] The Indian Times said Friday that the first strategic deterrent cruise of the Indian nuclear submarine, the "Destroyer", was completed on the same day. Reported that this marks the successful completion of India's "Trinity" nuclear deterrence strategy, making India the sixth nuclear submarine country in the world.

Indian Prime Minister Modi said: "I congratulate all relevant personnel, especially all members of the fighter, which will be forever remembered in our history." According to reports, the nuclear submarine "Killer" was launched as early as July 26, 2009, but due to immature technology and poor maintenance, it has not completed its first cruise until now. The submarine is 111 meters long and has a drainage capacity of about 6000 tons. It can be equipped with K-15 missiles with a range of 700 kilometers or K-4 missiles with a range of 3500 kilometers.

The report acknowledges that India has just started in this field compared with nuclear missiles with a range of more than 5,000 kilometers equipped by nuclear submarines in China, the United States and Russia, but the "Trinity" nuclear deterrence strategy is crucial for India. (Wei Yunfeng)

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