Japan plans to build large unmanned submarines to deploy the Ryukyu trench to monitor the Chinese navy.

Japan plans to build large unmanned submarines to deploy the Ryukyu trench to monitor the Chinese navy.

[Global Times] According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, Japanese government sources revealed that the Ministry of Defense plans to join in the development of large unmanned submarines that can automatically navigate in the sea and collect information in the Medium-term Defense Readiness Plan, which was formulated with the new version of the Defense Plan Outline. The report acknowledges that the Ministry of Defense intends to deploy the unmanned submarine to the necessary passage for the Chinese navy to the Pacific Ocean, such as the Ryukyu Trench, so as to ensure "effective deterrence".

Reported that this kind of unmanned submarine has a strong warning and surveillance capability, may be positioned as a "strengthened island defense" highlight equipment. The relevant contents will be finalized at the cabinet meeting in December 18th.

According to reports, the Ministry of Defense will focus on the development of unmanned equipment, including unmanned submarines, which do not need to carry self-defense personnel. Relevant sources disclosed that the "Medium-term Defense Readiness Plan" will be written in "Establishing Unmanned Submarine Vehicle Technology that can adapt to various tasks such as vigilance and surveillance". To this end, the Ministry of Defense will begin to develop large-scale unmanned submarines with a total length of more than 10 meters. In addition, it plans to install a special large flume with a length of 35 meters, a width of 30 meters and a depth of 11 meters in the test facility which will be opened as soon as 2021 to carry out an empirical test of acoustic detection. However, the time of research and development has not yet been revealed.

According to the assumption of the Ministry of Defense, the unmanned submarine will be able to navigate underwater automatically for up to one week in the future. It will pass through sonar from deep water and accurately grasp the movement of the rival submarine without being detected.

The report acknowledges that due to China's enhanced marine activities in the waters near Diaoyu Island, the Japanese Defense Ministry needs to improve its surveillance capability, and the development of unmanned submarines is one of the countermeasures. In addition, the Ministry of defense has more far-reaching plans for the future deployment of unmanned submarines. According to Japanese government sources, such unmanned submarines will be deployed to Ryukyu Trench and other places that the PLA will surely pass when it sails to the Pacific Ocean, and a continuous vigilance and surveillance system will be established in the waters near these "channels", so that "Japan will maintain its advantages and form an effective deterrent force."

However, the report also mentions that "if technology advances in the future, torpedoes can be carried on unmanned submarines, or will become more offensive weapons than manned submarines". Many Japanese people worry that if an unmanned submarine with artificial intelligence and can navigate automatically in the future has the ability to attack, it may become a "killing machine" that can kill the enemy without human will. (Wu Yan)

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