Direct attack Ali Ali is developing "vehicle nail" benchmarking "vehicle WeChat"?

Direct attack Ali Ali is developing

Sina Technologies News November 6 morning, according to Alibaba sources, AliOS is working with nails to develop "vehicle version nails", which will use full voice interaction to integrate into the zebra system based on Alibaba.

The person said that from the current functional orientation, the vehicle version nails can deal with some urgent work, such as voice broadcast important information, "according to the current time, driving state, your habits and so on, to determine which information should tell you in time, when should be quiet". It is reported that more than 600,000 vehicles are currently equipped with zebra system based on AliOS. Vehicle nails may be preferentially installed on these vehicles.

Interestingly, at the recent World Intelligent Network United Automobile Congress, Tencent Ma Huateng also announced that he was developing "Vehicle Wechat" because "many drivers have caused traffic congestion and accidents because they bow their heads and brush their mobile phones. In order to solve these pain points, we consider using full voice interaction mode to send and receive micro-messages, and can be combined with vehicle hardware, through the steering wheel keys can safely send and receive messages. (Han Dapeng)

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