Taxis must get rid of the plight of the industry and not rely on "biting ears".

Taxis must get rid of the plight of the industry and not rely on

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On the 5th, a drip express driver in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, said that on the 4th, he clashed with a taxi driver on the way to pick up orders. The other side bit him in the ear and was currently being treated in a hospital. The drip side responded that it had contacted the driver and started the prepayment process as soon as possible to ensure its treatment. Xinyu City Public Security Bureau Jiangkou Reservoir branch under the river police station has been involved in the investigation.

This is a very bad violent attack. Drip drivers and taxi drivers have a quarrel, which rises to the post-limb conflict. It is appalling that drip drivers'ears are bitten. From the media's description of the incident, it is obvious that taxi drivers should bear the main responsibility, and they should be punished by law for the illegal act of smashing cars and injuring people. Behind the malicious attack, the taxi industry and drivers are facing survival dilemma under the impact of the Internet taxi, and there are also omissions in the management of taxi companies.

This is the same root. Network taxi and taxi belong to the urban traffic field. Although there are differences in their business models, they all provide daily travel services for the citizens. They have the same benefit orientation, so they should cherish each other. However, taxis have enjoyed monopoly interests for a long time. They live too comfortably and do not want to make progress. Although they have been criticized repeatedly by public opinion, they lack the impetus for reform. After the rapid rise of online taxi appointment, with its technological advantages, it has been well received by the public, seized the benefit cake of taxi, and affected the taxi driver's income, which caused the strong resistance of the latter. The situation of taxi drivers blocking, smashing the online appointment and drivers often occurs everywhere. Many cases can be found online.

Not long ago, students in Shanxi University Town were blocked by 20 taxi drivers, which aroused strong criticism from public opinion. Many local students complained that taxi drivers monopolized services and jointly drove the net about taxi drivers. They asked for prices all over the world and had a bad attitude. Some news stories even mentioned that local taxis were suspected of forming "underground law enforcement teams" to intercept and seize drip-drip operating vehicles on the streets. The malicious attack by taxi drivers in Xinyu is just a microcosm of similar malignant incidents, but the malignant index is escalating, not only hitting the net, but also biting the other party's ears.

The repeated occurrence of such malicious attacks has aroused public fears and also highlighted the long-standing drawbacks of the taxi industry, like powder barrels, to the point of explosion. If the taxi drivers are allowed to attack the net-appointed taxi drivers violently, I am afraid it will lead to more tragic events in the future. Therefore, the regulatory authorities and the police need to take precautions, investigate the current situation of the industry, strictly restrict it, crack down on illegal acts according to law, take countermeasures, mediate the conflicts of interests between the two sides, urge both sides to abide by laws and regulations, and abide by the principle of fair competition.

From the historical point of view of social and economic development, the replacement of old and new business models is due to the law of development, and in the replacement stage, there will always be a situation where the interests of the old side are damaged and conflicts arise. However, no matter how much the old economy resists, it is like a stung arm in a car. It can't stop the trend of the development of the times at all. It will only become a laughing stock.

Obviously, taxi attributes its predicament to the impact of Internet appointment, but in fact, it aims at the wrong target and fails to see the future development trend of society. In the face of the mighty trend of the times, we must not go against the trend and proceed with the trend. If the taxi industry wants to survive, it must dare to reform, abandon the inappropriate business model and management system, remold it with information technology, improve service quality and improve management level.

Facts have repeatedly proved that only benign competition can realize the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and practitioners can also obtain the greatest benefits and get rid of the negative impact of vicious competition. Internet-based taxis and taxis should abandon their past suspicions, work together to create a fair competitive environment, adopt differentiated management, and jointly provide better travel services for the citizens. (Jiang Debin)

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