Run away cartoons for survival: screenwriters' manuscripts must be tried several times.

Run away cartoons for survival: screenwriters' manuscripts must be tried several times.

From cartoons to variety shows to movies, Wang Nima has grown into a big IP, but always wearing a "headgear" of him, can you explore the margin of their own security next?

Li Jia, reporter of Chinese entrepreneur

Editor Yin Yijie

From heaven to hell, it takes 48 hours to destroy the founder of the comic book.

In May 11th this year, the Cannes Film Festival, the cartoon movie "go away!" Amnesia Superman was bought overseas copyright by Netflix for $30 million.

Originally wanted to wait until one week before the film was released in August, but the riot cartoon had to hold a passive press conference with producer Ali Film and Wanda Film and Television on May 14.

At the end of the press conference, Jincheng, the investor and managing director of Hongtai Funds, received a lot of tweets. Chinese animation movies can be recognized by the international mainstream market, and entrepreneurs feel they have seen new possibilities.

In the afternoon of May 16, a 1:09 second video clip of "Riot Comics" was named by the official media as "teasing and insulting heroes" in the headlines a week ago.

Subsequently, today's headlines, micro-blogs, Youku, Zhihu and other platforms have expressed their views, banning the "rampant comics" related accounts.

CEO Ren Jian came out to apologize for downlining all the video programs such as "Big Bang Event", "What Movies to See" and "What Game to Play with" while closing and rectifying the official website of "Bang Bang Cartoon" and related APPs indefinitely.

Within 48 hours, the company that once created Wang Nima was facing its biggest crisis in 10 years.

Just on September 28, Ye Ting's descendants sentenced the first instance of the dispute over the reputation infringement of "rampant cartoons" and sentenced "rampant cartoons" to apologize publicly and pay 100,000 yuan of spiritual consolation to the other party. The movie, which has been renamed "the future machine city", has been postponed repeatedly in China.

From cartoons to variety shows to movies, Wang Nima has grown into a big IP, but always wearing a "headgear" of him, can you explore the margin of their own security next?

Crisis of life and death

The company's first reaction was to clarify when it saw China Youth Network naming and criticizing Dong Cunrui, a martyr, on Weibo.

On the night of May 16, Wang Nima, the host of "The Big Bang Event", responded to the microblog, saying that the talk show was to ridicule the inappropriate implantation of advertisements and posted original screenshots of the video.

Later, Wang Nima made a statement on Weibo to try to clarify it, but the response did not calm public opinion, on the contrary, it intensified the incident. In May 1st of this year, the hero martyr Protection Act was just implemented.

In addition to offline programs, shutdown and renovation, Ren Jian took his team to visit the Martyrs Monument and Martyrs Memorial, strengthen patriotism education, and donated 100,000 yuan to Ye Ting Memorial Park (including Ye Ting Memorial), but the other side did not accept it. Ren Jian also went to Dong Cunrui's martyr cemetery and read an apology letter before Dong Cunrui's monument.

Until September 28, the People's Court of Yanta District of Xi'an City decided that Xi'an Momo Company (i.e. the "riot cartoon") should apologize publicly in the national news media to eliminate the adverse social impact caused by its infringement, and sentenced the company to pay a spiritual consolation of 100,000 yuan to Ye Ting's descendants.

On the one hand, five years of "Big Bang Event" was offline. On the other hand, the release of new movies was full of variables. Employees saw Ren Jian lose several kilograms in recent months, and the morale of the whole company's creative team was also hit.

In recent months, Jincheng and Ren Jian have made nearly 1,000 phone calls, mostly at two or three o'clock at night. As an investor, he hopes to give Ren Jian some spiritual support.

However, the film scheduled to be released on August 17 has been delayed repeatedly. From May to now, riot cartoons mainly do two things: rectifying and communicating with relevant departments, promoting the progress of the film, and doing everything possible to restore the company's other business. Ren Jian felt difficult: "To switch between the two states, I would like to devote myself to one thing, but I have to consider other things, I think everyone is suffering."

Since the start-up in 2008, the rampage comics started from the simplest four-frame comics, and now have a series of "rampage" IP comics, animation, variety arts and other content, but also won the "net red" of Wang Nima, Zhang Quanegg, captain and so on.

At the capital level, it has also received several rounds of financing, such as innovation works, Hongtai fund and so on. In the eyes of investors, the rampant comics have well-known IP, 240 million fans and more than 10 billion broadcasts. If it can go to the capital market, it will have a good development.

But this sudden storm has cast a shadow over the company.

3 million dollars tuition fee

When the production of "Future Machine City" began in 2014, the serial broadcast of "Big Bang Event" had exceeded 50 million. In the field of talk show, Wang Nima was just popular, but Hao Yu, co-founder of the company, decided to enter a new field.

Before that, the team began to scribe the script from 2012. The story was carefully chosen. At that time, a series of cartoons of "The City of Rigidity" was serialized in the riot comic community. One of them was "7723", which was originally created by Wang Nima. It tells the story of how a robot with only 72 hours of memory can resist bad guys and protect a little girl.

When the riot comics had the chance to make movies, the team first ran through all the comic data in their community and found that 7723 was the best reading and word-of-mouth article, with more than 10 million clicks at that time.

The first edition of the script was written by Wang Nima and Hao Yu together. In the process of writing, the writing team is suppressing the desire to write passages, although this is what the team is good at. But now that making movies, we must grasp the frequency of the use of network language, for this reason, Hao Yu also forced himself to write the first edition in English.

After a long script deletion, finally entered the production stage, when the "layman" found that making animated movies is full of pits. At first, the team found a domestic production company that had outsourced Disney. The other side said it could make a 90-minute Disney-quality film at an offer of 8 million yuan. Hao Yu was still wondering why it was so expensive. Later, he found that the final investment would be multiplied by 20 times.

The team also found a good company to make domestic animated movies. There was an American producer on the other side. Hao Yu felt that the three companies could participate in it together. Before the production, American producers felt that the stormy script was not good and asked them to take it back for revision. Hao Yu hoped that the producers would give some suggestions to each other face to face and contact each other and then go directly to the United States.

After arriving, no one was seen. Hao Yu, who was set up as a pigeon, had to go and chat with his friends. He was surprised to learn that there was an animation studio nearby. The founder had 20 years of working experience in Disney. "The Disney animated movies that I watched from childhood to adulthood, with their names on the front, opened the door to the new world in an instant."

At that time, Hao Yu devoted himself to Hollywood and let each other make it. A year later, three million dollars went in and got a prototype.

Hao Yuxingchong took it back and showed it to the employees of the company. When the film was finished, she asked everyone, "Will you go to the cinema to see it then?" Only one hand in more than 70 people lifted up, and it seemed to be wandering. An employee asked on the spot, "Why do we do this? It has nothing to do with 7723."

Hao Yu was asked, silent for a long time, "that's the second day of my life."

Three million dollars went in. On the night of the annual meeting, Ren Jian and Wang Nima tried to persuade Hao Yu, "Why don't we stop doing it?" Maybe the old man is not enjoying this meal. "

As the CEO of the company, Ren Jian suggested stopping losses, selling the whole movie and making a lot of money, but Hao Yu didn't want to give up like that. She realized what the problem was. If she wanted to change it again, she asked her partner to "forcibly support": "Ren Jian is responsible for bringing the money over, Wang Nima wants to continue writing the script and the play." I'll come back here. "

At that time, the company had lost 20 million RMB to make movies, and had to add a budget again. Ren Jianfu estimated that the investor would not be able to account for it. The company appeased its employees and hoped that everyone would stay with them for a longer time.

In order to save money, the team wants to finish the development in the early stage and make it back home. But at that time, the top animation companies were developing their own IP. Hao Yu felt desperate and wondered if the film could continue.

She went through several rounds of collapse, but the reason she couldn't give up was that she was already in the swamp, either falling in completely or struggling to come back.

In 2015, the animated film "The Great Saint Return of Journey to the West" topped the top box office of the domestic animated film with 960 million yuan, which gave Hao Yu confidence. She felt that she could bite her teeth again.

After that, Rampart Cartoon invested in a production company in Canada, established a film business line abroad, and invited directors such as Disney and Manway to join in the project system. The advantage is that it does not need to spend a lot of money to support these teams for a long time, but only needs the way of project cooperation to complete.

In May of this year, the film was finally completed, and Hao Yu did not expect that there would be so many lows in the future.

Commercial saw

For comic cartoons, animated films were not a direction for company development at that time. In 2014, hand-surfing is booming, online drama and big movies are also in the wind, and "Rush IP" can be tried in many fields.

At that time, Wanhetianyi also embarked on the road of big movies after the success of the production of the online drama Wanhetianyi. This inspired the commotion of commotion, can we also consider making a movie.

The team did not seriously think about it, but the difficulty was obvious. In reality movies, stars are the top priority, which is not a small expense, and many stars come with scriptwriters, may ask for script changes. In contrast, the animated film is completely controllable, and will not be restricted by actors, shooting environment and other factors.

More realistic concerns also lie in funding. Although the late films were supported by Ali and Wanda, the early investments came from the company's own funds.

As early as 2008, Ren Jian abandoned his foreign investment banking work and returned to start his own business. He established Xi'an Momo Information Technology Co., Ltd. This year, the comic strip was born and began to sweep the Internet with a humorous grass-roots style.

It has accumulated 240 million users, more than 80% of them are post-90s, but the commercialization of rampant comics has only begun in these two or three years.

At first, Ren Jian did not feel the pressure of commercialization, but with the accumulation of users, he felt that advertisements, peripherals, games and so on can be used as verification of the company's commercial value. In addition, making animated movies also requires financial investment.

Zhang Ran, a senior executive of Riot Cartoon, has revealed that Riot Cartoon is strictly separated from content creation. Content creation does not touch any commercial demands to ensure the purity of creation, which makes customers feel that Riot Cartoon is more powerful in content cooperation.

As editor of content, Wang Nima also.

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