Luo Yonghao: Shanghai R & D center will be integrated into Beijing TNT software has not yet been completed.

Luo Yonghao: Shanghai R & D center will be integrated into Beijing TNT software has not yet been completed.

In the evening of November 6, Sina Technologies News reported that Hammer Technologies held a new product launch in Chengdu in the autumn of 2018 and released three Hammer Eco-chain products.

Referring to the venue of the conference, he dispelled rumors about the dissolution of Hammer Technology Chengdu Branch. He said that Chengdu's R&D resources in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu are scattered and inefficient, so they have been re-integrated. Some of the former R&D centers in Chengdu have been integrated into Beijing, while others have been laid off. Soon, the R & D center in Shanghai will also be integrated into Beijing.

For the coming 2018, Luo Yonghao concluded that this year is a hard year for hammer technology, because it is the year with the most products released. In fact, this is the fourth release of Hammer Technology this year. Hammers released nuts in April, in March, in May, in R1 and TNT, and in August, in Pro 2s. Referring to TNT, he revealed that he would strive to make it by December 31. At present, the hardware is almost the same, mainly because the software is not complete enough.

He ridiculed that he thought he could sell more products at the launch of the conference, but now he found that the conference could not be overdrawn indefinitely. "There are many problems in the press conference. The last conference did not achieve full seats, and ticket revenue declined. And this will be the last conference this year.

Luo Yonghao revealed that the conference will release three products, but all of them are launched by Hammer Technology subsidiaries, holding companies and joint ventures, and Hammer Technology is involved in product definition and industrial design. The first product is humidifier, Smart Breathing Ground Humidifier, the price is 199 yuan; Desktop Edition Humidifier is 999 yuan; Smart Breathing Bluetooth Humidimeter, 99 yuan. (Zhang Jun)

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