Tencent's ruthless hand, "King glory", the online age of underage players plummeted.

Tencent's ruthless hand,

Original title: Tencent "ruthless hands"! The most serious game in the history of game addiction prevention measures have been upgraded. "The glory of the king", the online age of underage players has plummeted.

On Nov. 6, Tencent held a "Minor Conservation Ecology Co-construction Conference" in Shenzhen hosted by Tencent Growth Guardian Platform. Tencent cooperated with Samsung, Huawei, vivo, OPPO and millet hardware terminal manufacturers in terms of function placement, account access, equipment management and control, in order to unite more social forces to build together. Setting up a healthy game environment for juveniles. According to the latest data, the one-day online time of minor users of "Wang Zheng Guang" has dropped by about 52.3% compared with last year's high. (Securities Times)

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