Brush back to commission 9 thousand? Watch out for someone who has been cheated tens of thousands of dollars.

Brush back to commission 9 thousand? Watch out for someone who has been cheated tens of thousands of dollars.

Reporter: Li Huankun

According to Jinyang. com, Miss Li, a citizen, recently disclosed that she had suffered a commission fraud by brushing bills on QQ, resulting in a loss of 20,000 yuan. 6, reporters learned that the fraud suspect QQ account has been alerted, the bank card account was also frozen by the police.

Credulity of unfamiliar SMS brush

On November 1st, Miss Li, who lives in Tianhe District, received a short message from an unfamiliar mobile phone number: Hello, because of your good record and evaluation, we invite you to work, with or without a mobile phone, daily closing 150-300, consulting QQ: 280 * 804. Considering that she is unemployed at home, she now earns commission by brushing bills on her mobile phone. 4500-9000 yuan a month, Miss Li was somewhat moved, and she added the QQ number on the message. "At first, I was asked to fill in my personal data, including my name, age, telephone number and account number. The account number was confirmed with me again and again. It felt quite reliable."

From the chat screenshots, the reporter saw that the operation process of return commission is: open the links provided - select goods - join the shopping cart - the screenshots are sent to the customer service. After receiving the screenshots, the customer service will send a 2-dimensional code scan payment, and the direct payment will not be made in the shopping cart. "Now the reputation of Taobao Jingdong is very strict. In order to prevent the closure of the shop, we pay by sweeping the order with two-dimensional code." The customer service said.

Miss Li, who is doubtful, tried to buy a product worth 100 yuan. Soon after the payment was made, her Alipay account arrived 106 yuan (100 yuan +6% Commission). "When I got there quickly, I thought it might be true, so I applied formally to the customer service application." Miss Li applied for 10 single tasks, buying 5 woolen coats worth 2000 yuan each.

"At first, it was said that it was a task and a settlement. After I had made 5 bills and paid 10,000 yuan, the other party only returned me 180 yuan, but did not return my principal, let me finish the task first." In order to get all the money back, Miss Li continued to sweep the code and transfer accounts, and finally paid 20,000 yuan, but the customer service did not respond. "From 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., it was a fraud. The six hours in the middle were like a magic barrier."

Realizing that it was fraud, Miss Li immediately called the police. "The police said they would transfer my case to the anti fraud center." Yesterday, reporters learned that the police had defrauded the suspect bank card account frozen. Subsequently, the reporter searched the QQ number of the customer service, found that it was offline, and warned: the account was reported by many people as a commission swindle, in order to prevent property losses, Please add cautiously, do not easily pay!

Cases of scudding and repeated fraud are frequently reported.

"Internet +" brings revolutionary convenience to the public. At the same time, a fictional transaction and the black chain of making quick money through the brush list also generate a new type of fraud. Reporter search found that swindling cases of commission returns frequently reported: on March 9, a university student in Guangzhou was cheated 11,000 yuan for 100 yuan commission; on March 17, Ms. Changsha Luo was cheated 400,000 yuan for part-time swindling; on March 20, Ms. Guo in Shanghai was cheated 12,250 yuan for online swindling.

Zhang Shu, a lawyer at Guangdong Jiehai Law Firm, pointed out that criminals use SMS, forums, APP and other channels to induce victims to purchase merchandise by clicking on links in online stores under the name of "recruiting, brushing hands, returning bills, no deposit, salary day-end" as bait. However, the act of billing violates the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, which is an illegal act and also a moral act. "When looking for a job, we must carefully distinguish the nature of the job. We should not covet the ease and convenience advertised. We should abide by the law in any job. In addition, don't easily click on unfamiliar links or scan unfamiliar two-dimensional codes, and don't tell others about personal information, passwords or secret keys of funds accounts. Once cheated, we must immediately report to the police and retain relevant evidence. "

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