Direct attack on China: quick second auditors, single business model.

Direct attack on China: quick second auditors, single business model.

The 5th World Internet Congress was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, from November 7 to 9, according to Sina Science and Technology News in the morning of November 7. The founder and CEO Su Hua of fast tech was interviewed by Sina Technology and other media at the conference.

In the interview, Suhua answered a series of questions about the bias of the outside world to AI algorithm, short video content auditing, industry competition, fast-hand commercialization, 5G, going to sea and so on.

In addition, he told Sina Technologies that Fast Hand is a "slow thinking, fast action" company, commercialization was officially launched after more than a year of low-key exploration. Of course, challenges still exist. First, how to further improve the artificial intelligence recommendation system to make advertising more accurate and effective; second, guide businesses to launch more advertising and marketing content that meets the needs of users. In the future, the capacity building of China and Taiwan needs to continue to invest to support large-scale commercial demand.

He said that today the world's largest business models are single. "More depends on whether the business model itself has the ability to develop healthily, and whether all participants in the business model are win-win. I think this is a more important attribute of the business model topic."

Faced with BAT's continuous launch of new short video App, Suhua also said that the ultimate goal of doing something quickly is not to gain profits from competition, but to realize their vision. It's good to have more participants in the market, which has no effect on fast-fielders, but can deepen users'understanding of short videos.

"For new entrants, many focus is different, which is not convenient for direct evaluation, but we believe that the accumulation of time is very important. Whether it is the establishment of social relations or the health of community ecology, we need to have enough patience."

The following is part of the interview transcript (organized by Sina Technology):

First, talk about the AI algorithm: use the correct values to guide the algorithm to say no to the information cocoon room.

Reporter: Do people's prejudices about algorithms limit people's choices or focus?

Suhua: I'm a software engineer myself. In my opinion, the algorithm is actually similar to carpenter's hammer and axe. It's essentially a tool. So the so-called prejudice mainly depends on how the person who uses the tool uses it. We are talking about using the correct values to guide the algorithm. Essentially, we are talking about how the people who use the algorithm can make better use of the characteristics of the algorithm to solve social problems.

Reporter: how do you consider the issue of information cocoon?

Suhua: The information cocoon room is a particularly prone problem in the first generation of recommendation systems. It is when users'preferences are used to help them find content. In fact, as an AI-driven company, Fast Hand helps a user find content not only with his preferences, otherwise the algorithm will always be recommended, and will always be trapped in an information cocoon.

A quick hand will refer to how a person explores the world in the real world. Everyone's interest has a lot of randomness. Your friends will tell you that there are various sources of information. The efficiency of this exploration is usually higher than that of a person exploring the unknown world.

Two, talk about commercialization: business mode is not a big problem, but important is whether the participants will win together.

Reporter: what will be the main business strategy announced by the fast hand? Advertising, goods, or something else?

Suhua: At present, commercialization of e-commerce and advertising has just begun this year. In the past, commercialization of live broadcasting will be earlier. Fast-hand e-commerce brings goods, is the logic: some goods are more suitable for video display, some goods are not necessarily suitable for video display, maybe the text description is better, so it depends on the category.

But in general, our advertising and e-commerce categories are just beginning to do, so the proportion is certainly low at present, but I think the future will become stronger and stronger, because we see short video in many categories of goods have a strong ability to express and cash. I still have great confidence in this direction.

Reporter: what will the technological change bring to the business mode of the short video industry?

Suhua: As far as business models are concerned, there are not many mature and large-scale business models in human history, so singleness is not a particularly big problem. Today the world's largest business models are single. More depends on whether the business model itself has the ability to develop healthily, and whether all participants in the business model are win-win. I think this is a more important attribute of the business model topic.

The quick-handed logic is to help everyone better connect with the world. There are some links with commercial attributes. We have paid the strength of the platform in helping them. Because of our technological capabilities, we will get reasonable income and profits. This is a big logic.

The current level of technology is to follow up. For example, when 5G comes, video applications will be more real-time and interactive.

3. Short Video Auditing: Two early partners take turns to establish a four-dimensional stereo auditing system

Reporter: will you participate in the content audit? What are your recent thoughts and observations?

Suhua: Actually, I am the second auditor of fast-track. In the early stage, our two partners took turns in auditing. Each of them audited for one day, until midnight, after auditing, they could go to bed. After a very difficult period of time. Now there are more perfect teams, thousands of people working in them, but it is not only human resources that solve the audit problem.

First of all, there are many judgments that can't be accomplished entirely by regular machines today if manpower is in place. Second, we must have a very detailed rule. Third, technical support, especially in the input of AI technology.

We have also done one thing, introducing social knowledge, including experts in various fields, University professors, media reporters, etc., and then regularly inviting knowledgeable and insightful outside people to discuss the ethics of short video content in fast-hand; fast-hand also has online tools for experts and scholars to vote on, there are some things. It is difficult for us to judge clearly what is controversial and let these experts and scholars represent the social cognition to help us make some judgments.

Therefore, internal, external, technical and manual systems are a comprehensive system, which took quite a long time to build.

Four, talk about competing products: users' attention is contending for the whole industry to quickly adhere to the individual mission of empowerment.

Reporter: Do you think the frontal confrontation between Quick Hand and Tremble has begun now, including BAT's encirclement of the city?

Suhua: In fact, the competition in the Internet is not just in the same category. Everyone may be competing for the attention of users. So the competition we see is long-term, and every product is competing with all the other products exploring the world, whether they are tremblers or fast-handed or not.

Reporter: how to evaluate the different temperament of fast hands and jitter?

Suhua: It's not convenient for me to evaluate my peers. Quick hand is very firm. We hope to empower every individual.

Five, talk about overseas: the blue ocean market is waiting to excavate the future, China will have a large number of global enterprises.

Reporter: What role will the experience accumulated by the fast hand in the smoky battlefield of China play in your future migration overseas?

Suhua: In the future world Internet, Chinese companies will occupy a large proportion, and we are trying to become one of them. It is definitely not a company going to sea. The Internet in China has brewed for 20 years, the mature infrastructure, the improvement of talent team, including many theories. Combining theory with practice, China may have the largest number of engineers and product managers in the world today, and accumulated the most application innovation experience.

I think the Chinese people are willing to think deeply for each country and region, deep localization, deep customization, which is invisible to many European and American companies and products.

Reporter: Are you fast-handed overseas, or will you launch another product, or will you arrange it through acquisition?

Su Hua: at present, there are attempts. But because the team has just reached the scale around the New Year, it is still relatively early stage.

Six, 5G era Outlook: short video real-time HD interaction possible

Reporter: when 5G comes, what can short videos do, including fast hands?

Su Hua: if 5G comes, it can make more scenes break through the connection point. For example, my cousin is repairing his cell phone. When he wants to learn how to repair his cell phone, he will go to our city to report a class to study with his teacher. If he is not learning English online in 5G, you can learn how to repair his cell phone, because he wants to see how the tweezers operate a small capacitor more carefully. A small chip, in the case of 5G, will make this scene a reality.

The interactive scenes that require a lot of detail and high definition video and real-time interaction are still invisible today, but 5G may be all right. I think there are a lot of possibilities in the 5G era. We will continue to try in this direction. When we connect, I believe that the fast hand should be ahead. (ROC Xue Mei)

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