State Copyright Administration: short video platform copyright rectification has achieved some results.

State Copyright Administration: short video platform copyright rectification has achieved some results.

On September 14, the National Copyright Administration, in accordance with the deployment arrangements of the special action to combat network piracy "Sword Net 2018", interviewed the key short video platform enterprises with prominent copyright problems, such as tremolo short video, fast-hand video, watermelon video, volcano small video, beauty shoot, seconds shoot, micro-TV, pear video, small film, 56 video. Fifteen enterprises, such as Firefly, Fast Video, Beer Mile, Potato and Good-looking Video, have been ordered to further enhance their awareness of copyright protection, conscientiously strengthen the construction of internal copyright system and fully fulfill their main responsibilities. Through more than a month's rectification, the copyright protection environment of short video has improved significantly.

In accordance with the rectification requirements of the State Copyright Administration, 15 key short-video platform enterprises have conscientiously carried out self-examination, strictly cleaned up the accounts of infringement and piracy, and severely cracked down on infringement and piracy. At present, a total of 570,000 short video works suspected of infringement and piracy have been removed from the shelves of 15 short video platforms. Among them, a large number of platforms such as seconds, potatoes, Mei-pai, beer-mile, small shadow and 56 videos have been removed from the shelves. Platform enterprises such as good-looking, micro-vision, tremolo, watermelon, fast-hand and volcano have severely cracked down on suspected infringement and theft. The illegal accounts of the edition should be cleared up by permanent blockade, short-term blockade, suspension of distribution and deduction of points.

Each short video platform enterprise improves the copyright complaint handling mechanism, strengthens the rights protection management, and receives the right holder's notification and complaint in time by establishing 7 x 24 hours user complaint handling channel and copyright auditing system of third instance and third inspection. Platforms such as volcano, watermelon and fast video have established blacklist system for blocked accounts; Platforms such as good-looking, dali, Mei-pai, fast-hand, volcano and micro-vision have actively carried out self-examination and deleted suspected infringing works against the copyright protection warning list of key works issued by the State Copyright Administration; Platforms such as tremble, watermelon, good-looking, second. Platform enterprises such as shooting and fast video cooperate with China Music Copyright Association, relevant news units, record companies, film and television companies respectively to strengthen content copyright management.

The relevant person in charge of the State Copyright Administration said that it would further strengthen the copyright supervision of short-video platform enterprises, effectively rectify the infringement problems existing in the short-video industry through administrative interviews, administrative penalties and criminal strikes, standardize the healthy development of the short-video industry, and build a clean and healthy network copyright environment.

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