Direct attack on cheetah Fu Sheng: the robotics industry is still far from enough in its early stage.

Direct attack on cheetah Fu Sheng: the robotics industry is still far from enough in its early stage.

Sina Technology News on November 7th evening news, the fifth Internet Conference held in Wuzhen. Fu Sheng, chairman and CEO of Cheetah Mobile, pointed out that robots had become his whole life in the past two years. He was no longer a participant, but also brought a reception robot.

"We are different from current AI companies that focus on computer vision, intelligent voice technology and other single fields," said Fu Sheng. In two years, Orion OS, an AI company owned by Cheetah Mobile, has built its own Orion OS platform, which is the only full-chain AI technology in the industry at home and abroad. Because of this, cheetahs launched several robots this year.

Fusheng said that full chain AI technology not only brings a smooth user experience, but also can support a large number of customizations to meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

According to the official data of cheetahs, in August this year, cheetahs signed thousands of "leopard secrets" robot intentions orders with 13 enterprises from ten industries. So far, the service scene of "Leopard Secret" has expanded from hotels and office buildings to banks and hospitals.

"Now, the whole chain AI technology has been opened to different industries, and dozens of enterprises have developed customized based on the platform," Fu Sheng said.

When asked about the current situation of the industry, Fu Sheng believes that the robot industry is still in a very early stage. "For example, some manufacturers'face recognition algorithms are good, but if you really want to receive a user, you need to constantly perceive the location and needs of the user. It is not enough to have the support of single-point Technology alone." . (Han Dapeng)

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