CISCO has laid off about 500 people in California and can apply for other jobs internally.

CISCO has laid off about 500 people in California and can apply for other jobs internally.

According to a document submitted to the California government, Cisco will lay off nearly 500 people in the South Bay region, Sina Technologies News reported in the evening of November 7, Beijing time.

Cisco will lay off 405 people at its San Jose headquarters and 57 in Milpitas, according to the documents. Since the beginning of this week, employees have been notified of dismissal, and other affected employees are expected to receive the notice within the next 13 days.

Maria Martinez, Cisco's executive vice president and chief customer experience officer, notified employees Tuesday in an e-mail. "Today, we have made a difficult decision on the road to restructuring, and some of our colleagues in the customer experience department will be affected by the layoffs," she said.

"In the past 34 years, Cisco has grown into a remarkable company, by any measure," Martiniz added. The reason why we can maintain market competitiveness for a long time is that we can adapt to changing customer needs. Today, we are at a critical juncture, that is, we are required to adapt to market development again and continue to maintain the leading position. To do that, we need to make some changes, including the customer experience department.

Martinez, who worked at and Microsoft, joined Cisco in March and reported directly to its CEO, Chuck Robbins. After Martinez took office, Cisco underwent radical changes, including a shift to cloud computing and subscription business models.

In the meantime, CISCO has seen a wave of executive turnover and management turbulence. For the layoffs, Martinez said Cisco would spend more money on other parts of the world by slimming down its customer experience department. At present, CISCO has more than 14 thousand employees in Silicon Valley and has about 70 thousand employees worldwide.

Documents submitted to the California government show that the staff redundancy covers product marketing, business operations, global architecture and technical services departments, both ordinary employees and managers.

According to Martinez, the employees who have been laid off can apply for other posts in CISCO. Affected employees have been told that they can apply for other jobs within CISCO by December 5th. (Li Ming)

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