Direct |3D printing enterprise Haig technology got 325 million financing IDG lead

Direct |3D printing enterprise Haig technology got 325 million financing IDG lead

On the evening of November 7, Sina Technologies News reported that Haig Technologies, an intelligent 3D printing company, announced the completion of a round of financing with a total amount of 325 million yuan, led by IDG Capital, Fuji Investment Group in Shenzhen, Yihui Investment and Investment.

It is reported that Haig Technologies is a digital producer and service provider. It has independently developed a high-precision intelligent 3D printing system Ultracraft, which also covers the whole chain of technology, materials, equipment and services. Recently, a new generation of 3D printer D-OS 3D has been launched to try to promote the digitalization of the dental ecological chain.

For the next step, Gui Peiyan, founder and CEO of Hague Technology, said that in the future, investment in technology research and development and production will be increased, and 3D printing technology will be used from a production tool to a large-scale multi-dimensional industry, running through the industry chain to achieve the number of data collection, data processing and data output. Word production vertical application chain.

In terms of IDG capital, as a core technology enterprise with independent research and development, Haig Technology not only focuses on technology or service investment, but also takes opening the whole 3D printing application chain as the core. It can really apply 3D printing to the actual industry and industrialize and scale 3D printing technology. Create market value. (Han Dapeng)

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