Microsoft will leap over partisanship to help Internet users build secure Internet.

Microsoft will leap over partisanship to help Internet users build secure Internet.

On the evening of November 7, Beijing Time, Sina Technologies News, Microsoft President Brad Smith told CNBC today at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal that Microsoft hopes to cooperate with the U.S. Congress to help netizens build network security measures.

Smith said Microsoft hopes to solve the basic problem of helping netizens to prevent cyber threats. Moreover, this wish will not be affected by the outcome of the mid-term elections. "So far, most technical problems are not partisanship," Smith said.

Smith said: "We need to solve some important problems, we need to improve the skills of netizens to prepare for a new generation of work, we need to spread broadband to every corner, not just the United States, but every country."

"I think Democrats will be interested in some of these things, and so will Republicans. Therefore, if we are lucky and work hard, maybe we can get the support of the two parties. "

In addition, Smith said that Microsoft also hopes to work with the Trump government to address some of the threats that technology may pose to society. "We need to work with President Trump to find solutions, just as we did with President Obama before," he said.

Today, security has become one of Microsoft's important businesses. Last year, Microsoft also acquired Hexadite, an Israeli security company, with a reported transaction value of about $100 million.

On Tuesday, the Democratic Party of the United States regained control of the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections held on that day, while the Republican Party further consolidated the majority position of the Senate, and the U.S. Congress entered a "split" era again. (Li Ming)

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