Gao Xiang, deputy director of the National Network letter office: promoting the sustainable development of industrial Internet

Gao Xiang, deputy director of the National Network letter office: promoting the sustainable development of industrial Internet

Author: Zhang Xue

Shanghai News (Reporter Zhang Xue) On November 8, Gao Xiang, deputy director of the National Internet Information Office, said at the forum of "Innovation and Breakthrough of Industrial Internet" of the Fifth World Internet Congress that we should promote the sustainable development of industrial Internet, promote industrial digitalization, accelerate information technology innovation and build a sound ecological development. At the same time, we should strengthen the safety protection of industrial Internet and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

Gao Xiang put forward four suggestions. First, in order to promote the development of digital economy, we should promote industrial digitalization, make full use of the new technology and application of industrial Internet to transform the traditional industries in an all-round, all-angle and all-chain way, improve the total factor productivity, release the enlargement, superposition of digital economy development, and so on. The second is to speed up the innovation of information technology and deepen technical cooperation with other countries in the world to promote progress and cooperation in technology and elements of industrial Internet such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, high-performance computing, knowledge software, distributed production and 3D printing; the third is to build a sound ecological development. The exhibition system is based. In terms of technology, we should especially strengthen the research and development of key technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, create a core technology production chain of industrial Internet with optimized layout and coordinated system development, break through innovation chain, product chain and value chain in industry, and strengthen the interaction between upstream and downstream links of industrial chain. Fourthly, we should strengthen the security of industrial internet. Guarantee, speed up the improvement of internal security mechanism, dynamic grid security defense mechanism, information and major security integration mechanism, promote breakthroughs in industrial Internet security technology, strengthen industrial Internet security industry and enterprise cultivation, constantly enhance the risk awareness and deployment ability of industrial enterprises to network security, and ensure industrial Internet. Safe development.

Gao Xiang believes that in order to promote innovation and breakthroughs in industrial Internet, international exchanges and cooperation should be strengthened. It is necessary for countries to strengthen multilateral dialogue and cooperation, establish multi-level communication and dialogue mechanisms among governments, industrial alliances and enterprises, and provide security guarantees and policies for the latest development of industrial Internet, global infrastructure construction, data flow. Major issues such as laws and regulations should be exchanged and cooperated. Standards and international rules for industrial Internet should be formulated jointly, and a safe, reliable and transparent management system for industrial Internet should be established.

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