What is the biggest obstacle for the French president to call for the future of the European army?

What is the biggest obstacle for the French president to call for the future of the European army?

[Global Times report] French President Mucklow has repeatedly proposed the idea of reshaping Europe. In November 6th, he again called for the creation of a "European army". What is the process and status quo of the formation of the European army?

In early 1950s, France proposed the establishment of the European Defence Community. At that time, Western Europe's security and defense depended entirely on NATO dominated by the United States. After the end of the cold war, the signing of the Treaty of the European Union in December 1991 established the Common Foreign and Security Policy as one of the three pillars of the European Union. In 1993, based on the mixed brigade of France and Germany, the European countries expanded a "European Legion" with a total force of about 50,000 people from five countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. However, because the European Union has long relied on NATO for defense, the development of the European army has been slow.

In 2003, EU countries began to build 18 "EU battle groups", trying to build each battle group of 1500 people into the pillar of EU rapid response force. However, due to the complex command and decision-making process, NATO launched the rapid anti-force construction and other factors, the number and scale of the "EU combat group" have been reduced to varying degrees.

After Trump came to power, the European Union countries continue to emphasize the strengthening of Defense Integration and cooperation. In June 2018, at the call of Marklong, nine countries, including France, Germany, Belgium and Britain, established a joint military force independent of NATO, which could quickly carry out military operations, evacuate people in war zones and provide timely assistance after natural disasters. But European Union countries have different attitudes towards the establishment of the European army. This has become the biggest practical obstacle. (Ling Yiyuan)

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