2018 Internet development Bluebook published from here to understand "network"

2018 Internet development Bluebook published from here to understand

At 10.30 a.m. on November 8, in the Wuzhen Network Theatre, led by the Chinese Academy of Cyberspace Research, the National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center, the Chinese Academy of Communications and Communications, the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, the National Information Center, Peking University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology and other institutions. The "World Internet Development Report 2018" and "China Internet Development Report 2018" jointly compiled by colleges and universities were officially released. This is the second time since the World Internet Congress was held to publish the latest academic research results in the field of the Internet globally.

"World Internet Development Report 2018" continues to strive to create a "small encyclopedia" in the field of Internet, focusing closely on the current development of the global Internet, focusing on the practice and effectiveness of Internet development in 2018, from information infrastructure, information technology, digital economy, government data openness, Internet media, network security. In the eight aspects of Internet legal system construction and international governance, the new technologies, applications and trends of Internet development in the world in 2018 are presented, which are the results of comprehensive and panoramic research on the development of Internet in the world. Compared with last year, World Internet Development Report 2018 expands the scope of assessment countries according to the new trends and highlights of Internet development in the past.

China Internet Development Report 2018 comprehensively and thoroughly studies and analyses China's Internet development, and comprehensively shows the latest progress in the field of Internet. The report points out that China seizes the historical opportunity of the development of information technology, continuously strengthens the construction of online content, earnestly maintains network security, accelerates the development of technology research and development in the field of information, gives full play to the driving and leading role of information technology in economic and social development, actively participates in the process of International Governance in cyberspace, and promotes the development and acquisition of the Internet. A series of new achievements and new progress.

According to the report, China's 4G user penetration has entered the top five in the world, and 5G R&D has entered the world's leading echelon, building the world's largest 5G test site.

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