Invest 1 billion yuan to launch the "scientific exploration Award" Tencent still has a dream?

Invest 1 billion yuan to launch the

ABSTRACT: On November 9, Tencent Foundation announced the establishment of the "Science Exploration Award" and invested 1 billion yuan to fund the award. The aim is to reward 50 outstanding young scientists and technicians in nine fields of basic science and cutting-edge core technology every year. Each winner will receive 600,000 yuan annually for five consecutive years. Funds.

Author Zhang Chao, editor, Luo Lijuan

Having just undergone organizational restructuring, and invested 1 billion yuan "regardless of commercial remuneration" in the field of technology, Tencent, 20, seems to have to refute "Tencent has no dream" with practical actions.

On November 9, Tencent Foundation announced that Tencent Chairman and CEO Ma Huateng and Professor Rao Yi of Peking University had joined hands with Yang Zhenning, Mao Shude, He Huawu, Hu Hequan, Li Bacon, Chen 11, Zhang Yitang, Shi Yigong, Gaowen, Xie Kechang, Cheng Taining, Xie Xiaoliang, Pan Jianwei and other scientists. Co sponsored the establishment of the "scientific exploration Award".

Tencent Foundation said that it will invest 1 billion yuan in the start-up fund to support the award, aiming at rewarding 50 outstanding young scientists and technicians in nine major fields of basic science and cutting-edge core technology each year. Each winner will receive RMB 600,000 yuan for five consecutive years each year.

It is reported that the age limit of the winners of the "Scientific Exploration Award" is 45 years. The scope of funding will be concentrated in the following nine fields: Mathematical Physics, Life Science, Astronomy and Geology, New Chemical Materials, Information Electronics, Energy and Environmental Protection, Advanced Manufacturing, Transportation and Construction Technology and Frontier Cross-cutting Technology. .

As a company with a market capitalization of more than $300 billion, Tencent has been questioned as "no dream" and is losing its product capability and entrepreneurship to become an investment company; even in the area of social connectivity and digital content defined by Tencent as its main business, it appears to be challenged by headlines and jitters in the age of algorithms. Very helpless, unable to respond effectively.

However, Tencent has its own considerations. In this regard, Ma Huateng finally explained that Tencent has no dream. He said that Tencent's stock price has been under pressure recently. Some people said that Tencent has no dream, is not good at using data, is not good at algorithms, and the data is not clear. I think Tencent can not apply many other companies' practices to directly open data. Because in our platform, a large number of people are all communication, social behavior data, if the data can be freely accessed to the business department of the company or to external customers, it will bring catastrophic consequences.

Ma Huateng said, "As a lot of platform operators, we should consider from the user's point of view and give priority to personal information and data protection."

Tencent's technology dream

From the action of Tencent in recent years, it has increasingly stressed the "technology" label.

As we all know, Tencent will hold a WE conference every November. So far, it has held 5 consecutive sessions. From the day WE was born, Tencent has given it great expectations. It hopes that this conference will not be about business or the present, but will bring together the world's leading scientific thinking and technological means to foresee the future with more people.

According to statistics, in the past five years, nearly 60 top scientists from all over the world have made speeches at the WE conference, covering almost all the scientific fields that are changing the future of mankind, such as space exploration, life science, deep-sea exploration, artificial intelligence and so on.

The number of people attending the WE conference every year is as high as several thousand people. However, for a long time, it is difficult for Tencent to bring any substantial benefits.

In addition, Ma Huateng participated in donating the West Lake University, which has the Institute of Physiology, the Institute of Frontier Technology, the Institute of Basic Medicine and the Institute of Biology. Last September, Reuters reported that Tencent had led the investment in Lillium, a German start-up company that developed electric "flying taxis".

At the beginning of this year, Tencent initiated the initiative of "science and technology for the good" and hoped that everyone would take the initiative to shoulder the responsibilities of Internet enterprises. Ma Huateng also mentioned in a signed article published in September that "consciously compacting the main responsibility lies in giving full play to the advantages of large platform and large business, and making great contributions to promoting social balance and full development and meeting the people's needs for a better life."

What other companies are investing in the future?

Today, not only is Tencent an enterprise exploring cutting-edge technology, for example, the leader of the UAV industry in Dajiang also has an investment in feelings and future.

Every summer, a RoboMaster Robot Competition is held in Xinjiang, aiming at promoting students'participation in scientific and technological innovation practice, cultivating engineering practice ability, improving the level of team cooperation, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultivating many scientific and technological elites who love innovation, can work, can cooperate and work bravely for the society. Just.

In this season's competition, the expenditure of the founder and the contractor is 70 million yuan. But RoboMaster itself has gained far from the cost of tickets, advertising and communication fees.

However, it is such a "no-profit" business. Since 2015, Xinjiang has spent 300 million yuan in four years. Luo Zhenhua, president of Xinjiang Innovation, told all-weather science and technology: "For Xinjiang, it is not a profitable business in itself. If you can think of any commercial value, then it will probably not be done. "

In fact, from Alibaba's public statements in recent years, we can also see that it attaches more and more importance to technology development and investment.

"Unlike other high-tech companies, we are not a technology company that expands technological boundaries, but an enterprise that continuously expands business boundaries by continuously promoting technological progress." It was mentioned in 2014 by Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, in a letter to shareholders.

By 2017, Ma Yun emphasized the importance of technology in his letter to shareholders. "We believe that technological capability will be the core competitiveness of Ali's economy in the future. At present, Alibaba has more than 25,000 engineers and scientists. We will also set up research institutes around the world to provide efficient and inclusive infrastructure for the business world and seek technical solutions for the data age.

In October 2017, Alibaba CTO Zhang Jianfeng (epilepsy) announced the formal establishment of the Damo Academy, as an entity carrying NASA's plan to land, to carry out basic science and subversive technological innovation research. It is expected to invest 100 billion yuan in three years to attract talents globally.

The climax of China's Internet circulation, consumption and retail industry has arrived. So, Internet Co, startups, what are we going to do today? When Alibaba went public in 2015, Cai Hongping, then chairman of Deutsche Bank's Asia-Pacific Investment Bank, gave the answer. Everyone should think about what is the real strength of the country and what is productivity. He advocated that all people should march towards productivity on the basis of the full development of existing hardware, software and network. Hua Xin uses network technology and various means to advance to the depth and breadth of productivity.

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