Russia has received a large list at Zhuhai air show: two advanced helicopters will be exported to China.

Russia has received a large list at Zhuhai air show: two advanced helicopters will be exported to China.

[Global Network comprehensive report] On November 8, Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Rostec, signed a contract during the 12th China International Aerospace Exposition to provide 20 Ansat helicopters to the Chinese Disaster Medical Association, as well as general aviation suits with China. The company has reached the intention of providing 6 m -171A2 (Mi-171A2) helicopters. In addition, negotiations have been held with United Aviation Technology to open a Russian helicopter maintenance center in Shenzhen. The contract is to be signed before the end of this year.

Andrey Boginsky, general manager of Russian Helicopter Holdings, said: "Today's signing marks Ansat's full entry into the international market. This aircraft is outstanding in the framework of the development plan of Russian aviation ambulance, and now it can save lives in China. The production capacity of Kazan helicopter plant will ensure the completion of the supply to Russian and foreign customers. We plan to complete the certification of Ansat Certificate in China by the end of this year and deliver all helicopters under this contract between 2019 and 2020.

"The ant" is a light dual engine multi-purpose helicopter, produced by Kazan helicopter plant. The helicopter can be used in the range from -45 C to +50 degree C, and can operate in mountainous areas at an altitude of 3500 meters. Its structural design can be quickly converted into a freight version and a passenger transport version, which can carry up to 7 people at most. In May 2015, an improved medical module was developed. The medical module of Ansat helicopter has the functions of resuscitation, intensive care and monitoring of the main vital signs.

At present, the Ansat helicopter has provided emergency medical services in several Russian States and the Republic of Tatarstan. In September 2018, 104 medical "Ansat" helicopters were contracted by the Russian Helicopter Holding Company, the Russian National Air Ambulance Service and the "Aviation Capital Service" Company.

At this exhibition, China General Aviation Services Corporation also confirmed its intention to purchase a batch of Mi-171A2 helicopters manufactured by Ulan Ude Aviation Plant. Russian Helicopter Holdings Company plans to deliver six helicopters by 2022. Considering the needs of Chinese customers for the helicopter, Russia is currently committed to handling the certification of Mi-171A2 in China.

"We are willing to start mass production of Mi-171A2 (Mi-171A2) for foreign customers, and I believe that China will become one of the foreign customers," said Andre Bokinski. The supply of such a large operator will undoubtedly help to get more orders. This helicopter is an important step in the development of the Mi-8/17 (Mi-8/17) series. It embodies the latest technical solutions and improves the comfort, safety and flight technical characteristics of the helicopter.

Mi-171A2 multi-function helicopter is one of the most anticipated new products in Russian helicopter industry. It is the result of deep improvement of Mi-8/17 helicopter series, which has undergone more than 80 modifications.

The Mi-171A2 is equipped with a VK-2500PS-03 engine with digital control system (i.e. the civilian version of the Mi-28 armed helicopter engine). One of the most important improvements is the use of more efficient X-shaped tail rotor and the improvement of aerodynamic configuration of all-composite main rotor, which improves the overall flight performance.

The Mi-171A2 helicopter was awarded Class A certificate by the Russian Federation Air Transport Administration in August 2017, which means that it meets the highest flight safety requirements of civil helicopters and can operate in harsh climates with ambient temperatures as low as -50 degrees C.

In addition, on the issue of opening a Russian-made helicopter maintenance center in Shenzhen, China, the Russian Helicopter Holding Company negotiated with United Aviation Technology of China during the current air show, and the corresponding contract was planned to be signed before the end of the year.

In February 2016, the Russian Helicopter Holding Company signed a framework agreement with CITIC Offshore Helicopters, AVIC International and Avicopter concerning the establishment of Russian Ka-32A11BC and Mi-171 helicopter maintenance in Shenzhen. Xin, and jointly with the latter, set up United Aviation Technology. The Chinese side also expressed interest in upgrading the repair base in Tianjin to carry out similar work.

"Russian Helicopter Holding Company and United Aviation Technology Company are currently considering the draft general contract for the establishment of Ka-32A11BC and Mi-171 Helicopter Maintenance and Maintenance Center in Shenzhen and the draft contract for the technical audit of Tianjin Aircraft Maintenance Base. At the China Air Show, we held another round of talks to sign the two documents before the end of the year, "said Andre Bokinski.

He added that with a large number of Russian helicopters, China was interested in rapidly establishing an official maintenance base in its territory. This step will enable the helicopter to get qualified service in the whole life cycle.

China is one of the largest operators of Russian-made helicopters, with more than 300 registered Russian-made helicopters. Mi-8/17 and Ka-32A11B operate smoothly throughout China, including in areas with complex terrain and harsh climatic conditions. They are used to transport goods, medicines, humanitarian aid, building materials, and carry out rescue operations and disaster relief measures.

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