SARFT: strict control of actors and star pay to combat ratings fraud

SARFT: strict control of actors and star pay to combat ratings fraud

Original title: SARFT: strict control of guest pay to combat ratings fraud

On November 9, the State Administration of Radio, Television and Television issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Radio, Television and Network Audiovisual and Literary Programs, notifying that all radio and TV broadcasting agencies and network audiovisual service agencies should resolutely curb such undesirable tendencies as star-following, pan-entertainment and so on. Encourage to win with high quality content, constantly innovate program forms, strictly control the remuneration of guests; strengthen the governance of network drama (including network movies) to promote the sound development of the industry; strengthen the management of the use of ratings (click-through rates) survey data, and resolutely crack down on ratings (click-through rates) fraud.

The notice put forward management requirements for actors and stars' salaries. Specifically, the circular proposes that all radio and television broadcasting agencies, network audio-visual program service agencies and program production agencies should control the remuneration of movie stars participating in programs within a reasonable limit, advocate that movie stars actively participate in public welfare programs with a sense of social responsibility and mission, and resolutely correct the high-priced invitation of stars and competition for prominence. The bad phenomenon of stars. Variety shows broadcasted on TV channels from 19:30 to 22:30 should provide the General Administration with information about the names of guests, film remuneration and cost proportion in advance. The total film remuneration for each program should not exceed 40% of the total cost of the program, and that for the main guests should not exceed 70% of the total film remuneration for the guests.

As for the remuneration for the actors of network dramas (including network movies), the notice also proposes that the industry self-discipline regulations on the cost allocation ratio of network dramas (including network movies) should be strictly enforced. The remuneration for all actors of each network drama (including network movies) should not exceed 40% of the total production cost, of which the main actor is the director. The actor should not exceed 70% of the total salary. If the total remuneration of all actors exceeds 40% of the total production cost, the producers should file and explain the situation with their respective associations (China Broadcasting Federation Productive Committee, China Teleplay Production Industry Association or China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association) and the Chinese Broadcasting Federation Actors Committee.

The announcement also proposed that the use and management of ratings (click-through rate) survey data should be strengthened and the fraudulent behavior of ratings (click-through rate) should be resolutely cracked down. It is strictly prohibited that the broadcasting agencies should make a commitment to the ratings of the producers, and strictly prohibit the signing of the agreement on gambling. It is strictly prohibited for any organization or individual to disturb or counterfeit ratings (click through rate) data.

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