Today's headlines and pornography are suspended for more than 1 months.

Today's headlines and pornography are suspended for more than 1 months.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Recently, Beijing Municipal Culture Market Administrative Law Enforcement Team has strictly investigated the use of the Internet to disseminate pornographic and vulgar Internet products. In the early part of this month, two cases were investigated and punished, and the operators of "Today's Headlines" website and "Beanbag Cruel News" mobile app were given high administrative penalties.

In October this year, according to the case clues handed over by the National Office of "Anti-Yellow and Anti-African", the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps filed an investigation into the case of online publications containing pornographic content provided by "Today's Headlines" website. According to the survey, the "Headline Today" website run by Beijing Byte Beat Technology Co., Ltd. has published 16 articles on its "Story" channel, such as "After the Absurdity of One Night, That Man Is Her New Leader", "To Make Money to Treat Mother's Disease, I went to the club to work, but I didn't expect that the first customer would be my own teacher". The Ministry contains online publications promoting pornography. According to Article 24 of the Regulations on the Administration of Online Publishing Services, this constitutes the act of publishing and disseminating online publications containing prohibited contents. On November 5, the law enforcement team ordered the company to delete the illegal content and impose a one-month suspension of the update of the Story Channel and a maximum administrative penalty.

In addition, according to the clue of another case handed over by the National Office of "Cleaning up Yellow and Fighting Non-Yellow" on October 18, the law enforcement team filed an investigation into the case of "Doubao Cool News" mobile app spreading Internet audio-visual programs with colored content. According to the investigation, the "Bean Pack Cool News" mobile phone App "Society" channel operated by Beijing No. WaiTian Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides "Shanghai Songjiang Gymnasium, surprising threefold doors, multiple passers-by shooting video" and other Internet audio-visual programs with rendering emotional content. According to Article 16 (7) of the Regulations on the Management of Internet Audiovisual Program Services, it constitutes the act of rendering love for Internet Audiovisual Program Services. On November 7, the law enforcement brigade ordered the company to make immediate corrections, to give it a "warning" and a high administrative penalty. At present, the "App" and other related channels in the mobile phone have been downloaded.

Relevant officials said that the law enforcement brigade, in accordance with the relevant provisions, should promptly and resolutely investigate and punish the above-mentioned violations of the use of the Internet to disseminate pornographic and vulgar content. Since this year, the law enforcement corps has carried out a series of special actions such as online games, special investigation and treatment of online literature and curing children's videos of evil codes, and the dissemination of pornographic and vulgar content has been significantly improved. Next, the team will continue to investigate and crack down on Internet pornography and vulgar content, and intensify its efforts to safeguard the capital's green and healthy cyberspace environment.

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